World’s Third Largest and Highest Island, Borneo

Kalimantan ©elanghitam_114/flickr

Kalimantan ©elanghitam_114/flickr

Kalimantan or known as Borneo, is located in the north of Java Island in Indonesia. It is the world’s third largest island. Besides, you can find here one of the oldest rainforests. Geographically, it is surrounded by the South China Sea, Sulu Sea, the Celebes Sea, the Makassar Strait, the Java Sea and Karimata Strait.

Mount Kinabalu is the highest point, but that is not Indonesia’s territory. However, Borneo still holds the world’s highest island. It has Indonesia’s longest river in the western part called ‘Kapuas’. Also, it has one of the world’s longest underground rivers at Clearwater Cave.

Tanjung Puting National Park

One great activity for families with children is the taking a traditional river boat up to the Seokonyer river. You may hire a private klotok with delicious food and park fees all included to gain the amazing experience of living on a boat. Best is if you go with some speaking abilities in Bahasa Indonesian. Sleep on top deck of the boat over a four days trip, and protect yourselves with a good quality mosquitoes net, mosquito repellent, sun block, video camera, a bottle of wine and a good pair of trekking shoes.


There many unique wildlife in Borneo. Other than the great ape Orangutan that spots with long arms and reddish brown fur, there are Müller’s Bornean Gibbon which is another type of ape that can be seen in the northern and eastern part of the island. Borneo Rhinoceros and the world’s smallest bear, called the Sun Bear are both endangered and thus they are closely protected. The Sun Bears are only 1.2m and they are primarily nocturnal.

Vulnerable Red List Animals

Borneo ©Richard & Jo/flickr

Borneo ©Richard & Jo/flickr

Also, clouded leopard is a vulnerable medium-sized cat now on the Red List. Borneo Pygmy Elephants are exclusive animals which you can also get to see. In addition, watch out for the Banteng, which is a wild cattle found in southeast Asia. These are huge with about 2.3m in head-body length and possibly weigh up to one metric ton.

Proboscis Monkeys, Macaques Monkeys

As you can only find the large protruding nosed proboscis monkey in swampy lowlands rainforests of coastal areas. Nothing beats sleeping in a hotel with such an adventurous itinerary. Listen to the nature, watch those exotic proboscis monkeys, macaques, silver leaf monkeys, crocodiles, monitor lizards, kingfishers and get up close with the orangutans at Camp Leakey. Seeing those great jungle fauna, star gaze with your romantic half in the night, watch those glowing fireflies and beautiful sunset.

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