What’s Fantastic in Sumatra and Sulawesi


Usually you will also visit the Pandai Sikek Village for its local wood carving and weaving handicraft works. For relaxation, you can arrange an en route a stop in Puncak Kiabang, and watch the Anai Waterfall. Rumah Tuo Kampai Nan Panjang is a landmark and point of interest with an impressive 350 years of history. See those original gadang houses and traditional kampongs. Mesjid Tuo Belimbing is a religious site for those of you who wants to see more cultural sights. King Palace has many architectural buildings worth seeing.

Sulawesi, Indonesia

Makassar or also known as Ujung Padang is a gateway to Eastern Indo and also the most important city in Sulawesi. It played a key role in the 16th century history during the reign of the Gowa Empire. Note also the unique Tana Toraja which is a cultural island with mountains on all sides. Be soaked into the megalithic cultures of the Sumba that features the richest tribal culture in the Nusa Tenggara. It centred on a religious tradition called marapu. Mostly for those who likes to see what’s off-the-beaten-track of thatched clan houses, hand-spun ikat, bloody sacrificial funerals and the colossal carved megalith tombs.


Designed by the Dutch after the 1844 earthquakes, Manado is one of the prettiest in the East. Now that it is swarmed by mikrolet and shopping malls, it served as a well-stocked base for you to visit the surrounding Minahasan region and the northern islands. For the best wining and dining, it is best to hit the town on the weekends here in the North Sulawesi.


Palu ©silaturrohmahpalu/flickr

Palu ©silaturrohmahpalu/flickr

Palu is rather the capital of Central Sulawesi. It is one of the driest places meaning the days are hot and the nights are cool. Trekking is the main activities particularly to the Lore Lindu National Park and the Tanjung Karang. There are flights from Palu to Luwuk and Manado. Some get there by boat as it is well connected to East Kalimantan. A longer of about 24 hours bus gets you to Manado from the Terminal Masomba and some from the distant suburbs of Palu. Even shared taxis and minibuses get you there.

Pulau Bunaken

There are beautiful shapes and colours of the fringing coral off this island of Bunaken. It is well-known among snorkellers and divers world wide for its beauty. With an extraordinary marine biodiversity, you can see 300 or more types of coral and three thousands species of fish.

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