Visiting the Indonesian city of Bandung

Bandung in Indonesia

Bandung in Indonesia ©Smulan77/Flick

The city of Bandung is located in the central part of the country and can be reached directly from Jakarta both on highway and by air. Another alternative is throughout the Puncak Mountains, but during the weekends the traffic is very busy on this route. Today we present some information for those who want to visit the Indonesian city of Bandung.

The Bandung Airport, also known as the Husein Sastranegara is located in an area that is less accessible and therefore the services are limited, including only small planes. The airport is located at the end of the Pajajaran Street, at about 4 km from the center.

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Taxis connect the airport to the city and they only work with a ticket that can be bought at the airport, for a cost of about $5.

Buses and minibuses

The most searched buses are those that have air conditioning. They generally have the emblem “express” or “non -stop”. The main bus companies in Bandung are the Leuwipanjang, serving more the west part and the Cicaheum Company, serving mostly the east part.

If you want to visit the city of Bandung, you can also choose between several minibuses equipped with about 7-10 places and they can be taken especially on the Jakarta – Bandung route. The prices are between 50 and 75 dollars and if you want to go only up to a certain terminal, the price is $10.

View of Bandung

View of Bandung ©Wilson Loo/Flick

Traveling by car

The city of Bandung is at about a two hours drive from Jakarta. Thanks to the new toll road that connects the highway between Bandung and Jakarta, it is now much faster to travel by car than by train. However, you should take care in the rainy season because some portions of the Cipularang highway can be closed due to landslides. Also on weekends there may be some traffic jams in the toll highway.

Another alternative is the Jakarta – Puncak – Cianjur – Bandung route. Those who choose this route can stop in Punca, which is a mountain peak on the outskirts of Jakarta. There are many restaurants and hostels, and a zoo that looks like a safari park.

Bandung in Indonesia

Bandung in Indonesia ©Smulan77/Flick

The Indonesian state railway company

The Kereta Api is the Indonesian state railway company and offers frequent services between Jakarta and Bandung, and also has connections to Surbaya. With the fastest trains you travel to the Indonesian city of Bandung more than 3 hours. This is the reason why the buses are very popular, they are faster than traveling by train. An advantage of this means of transport is the wonderful view you can see on the Jakarta-Bandung road.

Bandung at night

Bandung at night ©rikasari/Flick


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