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Beautiful hotel view in Bali

Beautiful hotel view in Bali ©Simon_sees/Flick

Many people dream about visiting Indonesia and if you are one of those, you should read some useful information for a visit to Indonesia. Indonesia has a moderate climate, with two major seasons, respectively, a rainy season and a hot season and the climatic conditions vary from region to region. Ideal would be to plan your vacation in the warm season (dry), which begins in April and lasts until October, when the humidity is acceptable and the temperatures are pleasant (21-32 C degrees).

The peak tourist season is during Ramadan and Christmas, and in June and July, when tourists come in large number to Java, Bali, Sumatra and Sulawesi.

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You should know that during the celebrations dedicated to the biggest holiday in Indonesia, namely the Eid-ul-Fitr, marking the end of the Ramadan celebration, Indonesia is very crowded.

What should you pack?

In general, you can find everything you need in Indonesia, but it would be good to have in luggage lightweight clothing with long and short sleeves, shirts, jeans, flip-flops, sunscreen (they are quite expensive in Indonesia) and sunglasses. If in your tour itinerary has listed visits to churches, temples, synagogues, it is advisable for women to wear clothes that cover their arms and legs. Avoid transparent! It is a unique opportunity to dress in traditional Indonesian outfits (silk long sarong-skirt). Indonesians are Muslim people and they are quite conservative. Even if in big cities you can wear a more “extravagant” outfit, in provincial towns is better not to expose yourself more than necessary. For men formal attire is recommended instead of aprons and short sleeve shirts, especially if visiting museums and churches in Indonesia.

Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

Borobudur Temple in Indonesia ©swifant/Flick

Accommodation facilities in Indonesia

There is a whole range of accommodation options in Indonesia from hostels to luxury hotels according to your budget. For not very demanding tourists the rooms at the hostel, called in local language – losmen, wisma or podok – are the cheapest. For one night the pay rates start from 15 USD, you benefit from air conditioning and shared bathroom. Another cheap accommodation alternatives are the Chinese hotels found generally in rural areas or smaller cities. Rooms are small but clean, with air conditioning and hot water.

Hotel in Kuta

Hotel in Kuta ©swifant/Flick

In extra season, both large hotels and hostel offers discouts for tourists. For one night at the Losmen in Bali you pay from 5 USD/person. And in Kuta hostels are cheap as well. Due to the pleasant temperatures in Bali you can rent a Bungalow with outdoor bathroom, where the pay rates start from 30 USD/night. These are very attractive and surrounded by lush gardens. Especially in Bali the payment for accommodation is mostly made in dollars, sometimes in Euros. At the hostels you can pay in rupees. An accommodation option is renting a fully equipped villa with swimming pool. In general, their price ranges from 200 USD/night, but can reach up to 1,000 USD/night.

Beautiful hotel view in Bali

Beautiful hotel view in Bali ©Simon_sees/Flick


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