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Means of transportation in Denpasar

Means of transportation in Denpasar @HARRY whitey/Flick

Denpasar was originally the capital of the Kingdom of Bandung, but was conquered in 1906 by the Dutch. The Royal Palace was looted and then destroyed and after this the central market became Taman Puputan. Denpasar still remained the administrative center of Bandung, and in 1958 became the seat of the provincial government of Bali. After moving the provincial government headquarters to Depensar, the city began to develop in all aspects: economic, social and cultural.

Due to its rapid growth, Denpasar was divided into four sectors, to cover all economic activities. We will show you some different ways of travel to Denpasar.

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Denpasar is a very popular location in terms of tourism, which surprises with its white sand beaches and calm waters, excellent for kitesurfing. In the area of the city of Denpasar you can find all kinds of crafts which are presented in the local shops. These crafts can include works of art, textiles, ceramics and silver. Many people travel to Denpasar for shopping.

Traveling by car

Denpasar is located in a central area, which is easily reached by car or taxi from the main tourist regions from the southern part of Bali. Thus, a trip from Kuta, Legian or Seminyak will take approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic in the area. A prepaid taxi from the airport cost between 70,000 and 100,000 rupees, the price varies depending on the exact area of Denpasar.

Traveling by car in Denpasar

Traveling by car in Denpasar @HARRY whitey/Flick

Taking the bus or the bemo

The bus terminal of the city of Denpasar is Ubung, which is also the bemo terminal. Most of the buses leave from here to Java, and a race to Surabaya cost about 120,000 rupees and is done over the night. The price includes the ferry and the dinner as well. Other bus connections are the ones to: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang and Yogyakarta.

The bemo is a specifically Indonesian trasportation, it consists of a 7 or 10 seater minibus, which doesn’t have a fixed route and can take or leave people wherever they desire. The central bemo station of the Province of Bali is in Denpasar. It is recommended to ask a local what is the price of a race because some drivers will try to increase the price a lot. Do not forget that the bemo will leave when it is full, and it may take several hours to be filled.

Means of transportation in Denpasar

Means of transportation in Denpasar @HARRY whitey/Flick

No trains in Bali

There is no train station in the city of Denpasar since there are no trains on the island of Bali. But there is a travel agency in Ubung which has an agreement with the Kerata Api railway companyi, where you can buy a type of “train tickets” with a single race: Banyuwangi – Surabaya.

The airport of Denpasar

The airport of Denpasar @calflier001/Flick


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