Tourist sites in North Sulawesi for the nature lovers

The Dua Saudara National Park in North Sulawesi

The Dua Saudara National Park in North Sulawesi ©Lip Kee/Flick

The orchid-shaped Sulawesi, formerly known as the Celebes Islands is the third largest island of Indonesia with an area of ​​172,000 square kilometers. The island is divided into three provinces: North Sulawesi, South Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi.

The topography of the island is extremely varied. It has high mountains, picturesque coastlines, lakes, rice fields and lush jungles wonderful alternate options offered to travelers. Today we would like to give a special attention to North Sulawesi from the point of view of those who are visiting other countries for its natural beauty.

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In the following we present you some tourist sites in North Sulawesi for the nature lovers.

Manado Tua

Manado Tua is the largest island in the Manado Gulf archipelago and is a great tourist site for nature lovers. On the mountain peak in the middle of the island can be climbed by several hours of walking, but the view is worth to take the trip. You can clearly see the whole Bay of Manado, and all of its islands. The beach of the island is partly covered by white sand and partly made up of coral formations. The bank of the Tangkoko Batuangus nature reserve is protected by a coral reef. To entry the site, you have to ask for an official permission from the colleagues of the Sub Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam (Nature Conservation Agency) from Manado in advance.

Manado Tua

Manado Tua ©mattk1979/Flick

The Tangkoko Batuangus conservation

The Tangkoko Batuangus conservation is an area covered with ​​grass in the side of the Dua Saudara mountain. Regarding the natural beauty, it consists of unique and impressive green hills and valleys. It is a perfect tourist site in North Sulawesi for nature lovers. Black monkeys, hammerhead hens (macrocephala male), snakes, wild pigs, Hornbills (Penelopides exarhatus) and deer live in the 3200-acre reservation. A few guest houses and a restaurant awaits the visitors. Because of the road conditions the nature reserve can be accessed inly by a only four-wheel drive jeep from the Giri village.

The Dua Saudara National Park in North Sulawesi

The Dua Saudara National Park in North Sulawesi ©Lip Kee/Flick

The Dumoga Bone National Park

The Dumoga Bone National Park lies at the border of two provinces at approximately 260 km from Manado. On one hand embraces a part of the Dumoga are (Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi), on the other hand, a part of the Bone area (Gorontalo). Its mountains and hills are covered with dense forests, making it an ideal habitat for rare species such as the hammerhead hen, the anoa (anoa), the hornbill and the Tarsier (Tarsius spectrums), which is the smallest primate in the world. Tourist will surely like this natural tourist attraction in North Sulawesi.

Dumoga Bone National Park in North Sulawesi

Dumoga Bone National Park in North Sulawesi ©Frost Museum/Flick

Wale Papataupan

Wale Papataupan near the village of Sonder, at 37 km from Manado is a magnificent resort with bungalows, swimming pools, steam room, restaurants, fish pond and an outdoor amphitheater with cultural events. It is easily accessible from Manado by car, bus or taxi and is a great relaxing place for the nature lovers.

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