Tourist guide to the Island of Sumatra

Lake Toba in Sumatra

Lake Toba in Sumatra @Marc Veraart/Flick

Sumatra or Sumatera is the sixth largest island in the world and the largest in Indonesia. The main tourist attraction of Sumatra is its nature: volcanoes, jungles, lakes, and so on. In 2006, approximately 25,000 square feet of Sumatra was included into the UNESCO heritage, and it took the name of “Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra.”

In Sumatra, flora and fauna is extremely diverse, here there are the rarest species in the world of orangutans, tigers and rhinos sumatreni sumatreni. Even if their number is very small, it is not recommended to go alone in the jungle, to not risk your life in any way.

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Read our short tourist guide to the Island of Sumatra to find have some basic information about this part of Indonesia.

Weather in Sumatra

The climate of the Island of Sumatra is mostly tropical, the temperature oscillates around 29 Celsius degrees, but the rainfall is high. In this regard, it is recommended to visit Sumatra all year round, because, regardless of the month in which you are, weather conditions will be the same.

Beach of Sumatra

Beach of Sumatra

Population and economy

Sumatra has an overall population of about 50 million people, but over the years, due to earthquakes and tsunamis, more than 200,000 people died.

The biggest city in Sumatra is Medan, being followed by Palmebang, both having a bigger population than 1 million. The other 10 cities did not meet the threshold, but all of them represent milestones in terms of tourism, due to the diverse culture that dominates the island.

Unfortunately, due to engineering the industrialization, since 1985 until now, Sumatra has lost over 48% of the forest, and because of this, many animals became endangered. Although the Indonesian government fights for the conservation of this island, it seems that they fail because different species are increasingly threatened by extinction, and each year disappears about 2.5% of the rainforest.

Lake Toba in Sumatra

Lake Toba in Sumatra @Marc Veraart/Flick

Transportation and accommodation

To reach the Island of Sumatra, you must use either a plane or a boat. There are many cruises that have their destination in Sumatra Island, many tourists choose this method to have relaxing moments and, why not, meditation, because of the great views.

Regardless of the city that you will visit, you will find hotels and other accommodation options that will satisfy your demands in terms of comfort.

Beautiful Sumatra

Beautiful Sumatra @mORph/Flick

Shopping in Sumatra

Most of the cities in Sumatra have shopping centers, markets or bazaars. No matter where you come, you come across merchants selling various handicrafts, jewelry, hand-made products and many other things.


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