Tourist guide to Jakarta

Jakarta at night

Jakarta at night @Thrillseekr/Flick

Jakarta is also known as Jakarta Special Capital Region, and is both the capital of Indonesia and the largest city in the country. Jakarta is located on the north coast of Java, and is the economic, cultural and political center of the country. We offer you a short tourist guide to Jakarta.

The town had a population of about 10.2 million people in the census of 2011, and is the most populous city in South East Asia and also the 13th most populous city in the world. The city was founded in the fourth century, and soon became an important trading port for the Sunda kingdom.

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Jakarta was the capital of the Dutch East Indies and continued to be the capital of Indonesia when it declared its independence in 1945.

Transportation in Jakarta

To get to Jakarta, it is recommended to fly through the Soekarno Hatta International Airport, one of the largest in South Asia. Although there is a car transport carrying passengers between terminals, free of charge, it is not recommended to be used because it is not safe in any way. Take a taxi which will take you to the desired terminal, the route will not cost you more than $5 – even if it is a mile or two, they pay $3 for an hour of parking at the airport.

Jakarta skyline

Jakarta skyline @The Diary of a Hotel Addict/Flick

An interesting aspect of public transportation in Jakarta is that you can rent a helicopter, if you have a lot of luggage and want to escape the infernal crowds that can be seen every day in this metropolis. Although the price may be a little steep, you can save even 5-6 hours this way.

Once in Jakarta, you will realize how difficult it is to target the streets that are not part of the main arteries, as many of them have the same name. Therefore, you should know the postcode to ensure you get to where you want, without having subsequently surprises.

Jakarta at night

Jakarta at night @Thrillseekr/Flick

Tourist attractions

Once in Jakarta, you will have at your disposal a lot of sights that you can visit. The most important and recommended are: the History Museum, the National Museum, the Monas – a national monument, the Pasar Baru – a huge market, the Ancol Dream Park – an amusement park, the Istiqlal Mosque – the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, with a capacity of 120,000 people or the Jalan Jaksa – a street that has many clubs and outdoor terraces, perfect to spend the night in a unique way. Jakarta is a city where you can’t be bored.

The Monas in Jakarta

The Monas in Jakarta @BEST PHOTO/Flick

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