Tourist guide to Bali

Museum in Denpasar

Museum in Denpasar ©GOC53/Flick

Bali is the most famous between all of the Indonesian islands being a perfect tourist destination. The Island of Bali is not too big, so if you want to visit an other city or a village in the opposite part of the island, you can easily get there.

The main urban area and the administrative center of the island is the capital city of Densapar, being a true museum of temples. A city with an interesting history, the former capital of the Kingdom of Badung, is today one of the main centers of preserving local culture and traditions, housing some art and history museums that attract thousands of visitors every year.


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In Denpasar you can visit the most impressive temple of the island, known as Pura Jaganatha, dedicated to the supreme god of Sang Hyang Widi Wasa. The representation of a turtle surrounded by two dragons is ubiquitous in Hindu temples, but this temple is distinguished by the combination of modern art and traditional Belinese elements.

Bali from air

Bali from air ©teachingsagittarian/Flick

Tourism and industry in Bali

With a total area of ​​5780 km ² and 4.2 million inhabitants, Bali has a stable economy, supported both by the tourism industry and the agricultural activities, it is an important exporter of coffee, vanilla, and more. The hand made items are especially popular among tourists, these being a continuous source of income for the locals.

Museum in Denpasar

Museum in Denpasar ©GOC53/Flick

Religious views in Bali

Besides this, the Belinese culture is one of the main attractions of the island. As followers of the Hindu beliefs, the whole Belinese culture is based on rituals meant to satisfy the deities to whom are dedicated numerous temples. Music, dance, show in all its forms, painting and sculpture, all have here religious connotations.

Besides the vast beaches covered with white sand and the temples and buildings with unique architecture, music and traditional dances come to create the image of a tropical paradise known as the “Island of the Gods”. Bali is also the host of some impressive cultural festivals and the Feast Absolute Tranquility (Neypi) is an event of special importance. This is held on every March 5, when all locals meditate. On this day, all public institutions are closed, including the airport and TV. That time nor locals or tourists are allowed to leave the house, to not disturb the gods. There are some public guards called pecalang, that are in charge to make people respect these rules. On this day the electricity is off, only the candles are lit.

The Bajra Sandhi Monument in Denpasar

The Bajra Sandhi Monument in Denpasar ©René Slaats/Flick


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