Tourist attractions in West Sulawesi

Beautiful natural surrounding in West

Beautiful natural surrounding in West Sulawesi ©M.Fajar/Flick

West Sulawesi was separated from the province of South Sulawesi in 2004. The center of the new province became Mamuju, and the area was divided into five governorates. It has pacific, lowland and upland areas, therefor is an area with good soil. The climate is tropical. The inhabitants of the western coast of Sulawesi are known as brave sailors known and the culture of the people living in the central, mountainous areas of the province is similar to the Toraja culture.

The tourist attraction of West Sulawesi include natural mountainous landscapes, the unique culture of the people living here, mountain and coastal tourist destinations.

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Dream view in Mamuju

Dream view in Mamuju ©closari/Flick

Natural attractions in West Sulawesi

The white sand of the Karampuang Island is a popular tourist destination of the Mamuju regency. A large range of relaxing seaside activities are awaiting the visitors. The island is surrounded by pristine coral reefs.

The Tamasapi Falls is a beautiful tourist attraction of West Sulwesi, it is 70 m tall and it is also located in the Mamuju regency. It is popular among the visitors because of its fresh air and clean, natural water.

The Limboro is a natural hot spring and spa lying on the top of the Limboro Mountain. The climate is cool here, but the sight of the nutmeg and cocoa plantations of the area is delightful.

You can not find anything like the Moramo Falls in South-East Sulawesi in the whole Indonesia. It is a truly stunning tourist attraction: the water first passes through a two-kilometer-long land parcel with 127 terraces, than falls from a height of 100 m to its pool. It has seven main terraces, each with a separate, natural swimming pool. The waterfall is surrounded by lush jungle, the location is perfect for those who love to experience the magnificence of nature. It is only 65 km from Kendari to the east, so it is easily accessible by car or even with a boat through the Moramo Bay. In the latter case you can also admire the wonderful sea view.

Beautiful natural surrounding in West

Beautiful natural surrounding in West Sulawesi ©M.Fajar/Flick

Cultural attractions in West Sulawesi

The Banora Sibatang traditional house is located in the village of Kalumpang of the Mamuju Prefecture. It is a spectacular tourist attraction in West Sulawesi thanks to its special structure and form.

The Heritage House in Mamuju is a building complex, which consists of: the salssa (the king’s residence, the main building), the bandara raja (royal family residence), the pengawal raja (the guards’ residence), the lumbung smoldering (larder, barn), the workshops and the residences of the smiths and the the goldsmiths, the horse barn and the deer stables.

Majene is the westernmost port of the Island of Sulawesi, lies at 302 kilometers from Makassar. It has a long coastline almost totally covered with white sand. The city is famous for its sarong mandor silk fabrics.

The sandeq competition is an international speed sailing competition. Due to the special design of the sandeq fishing vessels, it is perfect for fishing and speed competition alike. One of the goals of the organizers of the annual competition is to encourage the maritime developments.

Sail boat in West Sulawesi

Sail boat in West Sulawesi ©Brendio/Flick

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