Top famous cities in Central Java

The Old Town of Semarang

The Old Town of Semarang ©^riza^/Flick

Central Java is located in the heart of the Java Island and is known as the most “Indonesian” part of the country. This part of the island was the center of the Indonesian civilization and there are the origins of the Javanese culture.

In Central Java good roads and an complex rail network is linking the major towns and villages. Solo and Semarang have airport. The internal and international waterway connection is ensured by the great Tanjung Emas seaport in Semarang and the Cilacap port. Minibuses are operating between Java and Sumatra and they can be accessed anywhere.


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Settlement in Central Java

Settlement in Central Java ©sektordua/Flick

Among the top famous cities in Central Java we present you Semarang and Solo.


Semarang is located on the north coast of the island and is the most important city being the center of the Central Java province. You have a wonderful view of the harbor, of the surroundings of the city, of the green rice fields and the surrounding mountains from the Candi Hill.

In the Ngesti Pandowo Theater you can watch a wayang drama performed by actors and dancers in the evenings. Every major hotel has a tennis court and there are also two golf couses for sports lovers in the suburbs.

You can choose from the following tourist attractions around the city: to noart east of Semarang is Jepara, which is famous for its coast with white sand and its wood carver industry. To the east from Jepara an old Portuguese fort can be seen. One of the jewels of Kudus is the minaret and the mosque built in the 15th century . An other attraction of the city is the kretek factory, which is a traditional cigarette. In Demak is the oldest mosque in Central Java.

The Old Town of Semarang

The Old Town of Semarang ©^riza^/Flick


Solo is one of the most famous cities in Central Java. Is a charming and vibrant city, it is also called that “the city that never sleeps.” There you can always eat or buy something, the small stalls and the street vendors offering their wares 24 hours a day. The city has two dynasties that have exercised their power over the city for centuries. Solo with its elegance preserved the distinctive image of Central Java.

The Kasunanan Palace in Solo was the residence of King Pakubuwono in the 17th century. In the exhibition halls of the palace you will find the jewels of the royal family, antiques and other valuable art objects in the real environment of the Javanese rulers.

The Mangkunegaran Palace is an another palace in Solo that was built in 1757 with a typical Javanese architecture. In the palace you can see the instruments of two Javanese gamelan orchestra and you can even watch them in use every Wednesday. In the palace are also exhibited leather and wooden puppets, masks, costumes, religious objects, jewelery. The dance faculty of the Mangkunegaran Palace has public dance rehearsals every Wednesday morning between 10 and 12.

Mangkunegaran dancers

Mangkunegaran dancers ©^riza^/Flick


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