Top 7 historical and cultural tourist attractions in Jakarta

Fatahillah Square and Museum in Jakarta

Fatahillah Square and Museum in Jakarta ©”The owner”/Flick

Jakarta is the “main entrance” of Indonesia, is a metropolis, where the modern Western architecture and the traditional Indonesian culture lives together. The quick development of the city is a representation of the economic, political, social and industrial of the uplift of the whole nation.

In the recent years the city was enriched with luxury hotels, conference centers, world-class golf courses, chic restaurants, exciting nightclubs and shopping centers besides the already existing historic part, the seaside entertainment places and resort complexes.

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Today we will present the top 7 historical and cultural tourist attractions in Jakarta

The Monas National Monument

The Monas National Monument is one of the most important historical tourist attractions of Jakarta. It is a 137 meter tall marble pleated obelisk, which has a 35 kg gold-plated flame at the very top. It symbolises the ambition of the Indonesian people to win the. It is located at the front of the Presidential Palace and is opened to the public. The elevator takes the visitors up to the top, where you can have a view of the city all the way to the sea.

Monas National Monument in Jakarta

Monas National Monument in Jakarta ©Schristia/Flick

The Jakarta Convention Center

The Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) is one of the top cultural tourist attractions of Jakarta and can simultaneously accommodate 3 conferences and 3 other large events on 6120 square meters.

The main hall has 3,300 seats, a huge video wall, advanced light-tech and sound equipment installation, a VIP lounge, wardrobes, private booths and 220 multifunction meeting rooms. The lobby  can accommodate about 3,500 people during coffee breaks and cocktail parties and the car park has space for ten thousand cars.

Shopping centers in Jakarta

If you want to go on a hunt for quality batik materials in Jakarta, you should try the Sarinah, and on the Surabaya street you will find unusual goods. The Mangga Dua and the International Trade Center (ITC) have over than ten thousand kiosks and shops selling almost everything including fashion wear and accessories, souvenirs and household appliances, all these at low prices.

Shopping in Jakarta

Shopping in Jakarta ©ACaDeMiK/Flick

Important Museums in Jakarta

We have to include four museums in the list of the top historical and cultural attractions in Jakarta as well.

The Maritime Museum is a famous tourist attraction in Jakarta and it is housed in two warehouses of the first Java commercial agency of the former Dutch East Indian Company. The exhibitions present the models of ships and boats from the Indonesian islands. Nearby still stands the port headquarter’s tower. The museum is opened from 8 am to 2 pm open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, on Fridays closes at 11 am, and on Saturdays at 1 pm. It is closed on Monday.

The Fatahillah Museum also known as the Jakarta History Museum is located on the Taman Fatahillah Square, in the heart of Old Batavia, in the beautifully restored 18th century Dutch town hall, the Stadhuis building.

Fatahillah Square and Museum in Jakarta

Fatahillah Square and Museum in Jakarta ©”The owner”/Flick

The Textile Museum is a suitable place to study the wide variety of the Indonesian textiles and to learn about the making of the batik.

The Wayang Museum is located on the west side of the Taman Fatahillah in the Old City. Here is the finest exhibition of the Indonesian shadow play puppets. You will see there puppets from the whole country and from other countries of South East Asia as well. The exhibited wooden and leather puppets present the best craft traditions of this particular form of the traditional theater. The museum regularly hosts short shadow play performances as well.



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