Top 7 cultural attractions of West Papua

Natural landscape from Papua

Natural landscape from Papua ©DMahendra/Flick

The world’s second largest island, New Guinea, is shared by two countries: Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The Indonesian half of the large island forming a bird, which only became an integral part of the country in 1969 after being a Dutch colony, is called West Papua.

Although the area occupies almost a quarter of the archipelago, there lives less than one percent of the population of Indonesia. Looking at the map you quickly get an explanation for this contradiction. West Papua is the land of dense jungles with many kinds of wild animals, inhabited with different isolated tribes of which some may never met outsiders.

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The centipede house

The Rumah Kaki Seribu (centipede house), is a traditional house type that is built by the Arfa ethnic group of West Papua. It has a rare and unique form, and it is lying on piles. The walls are made by ​​bark, the tops are covered with thick grass. In secluded places like Kebar and Anggi can still be seen in large numbers.

Indonesian jungle house on piles

Indonesian jungle house on piles ©Ahron de Leeuw/Flick

Rock drawings

The ancient palm representation is one of the cultural attractions of West Papua and can be seen on the rocks next to the city of Kokas at 10-13 meters above the ground. The red-colored rock drawings depict palms, weapons and animals.

The Japan fortress

The Japan is the fortress is located in the town of Kokas and it was built in 1944-1945. This served as a protectionand hiding place of the Japanese forces during the Second World War. It takes 4 hours with boat to get there from Fak-Fak.

Memorials in West Papua

The Papera memorial was erected in 1969 in the city center of Manokwari in West Papua. It commemorates the struggle of Indonesia to reclaim the areas of West Papua.

Aerial view of Manokwari

Aerial view of Manokwari ©a_rabin/Flick

The Second World War Memorial is also located in the center of Manokwari, it was set by the Dutch in 1948 in the memory of the executed Japanese military police officers and government officials.

The Meja Mountain from distance has the form of a table (the word Meja meaning table) ans is a strictly protected area. It is a popular tourist destination in West Papua because of its untouched forest, and the magical and beautiful panorama. The Monumen Jepang or the Japanese Memorial was erected on the mountain in the memory of the arrival of the 221 and 222 divisions of the Japanese Army. It is at just 2 km from Manokwari, so it is easily accessible by car, motorcycle or bus.

The Tubir Seram island is situated in front of the town of Fak-Fak in West Papua and it has a wonderful and attractive view. Its park has a wide variety of brightly colored flowers and other plants for those interested. Here is the Perjuangan Merah Putih Monument (Monument of Independence) and a small museum, which has a collection of objects of historical significance. It can be reached by a 5 minute boat trip from Fak-Fak.

Natural landscape from Papua

Natural landscape from Papua ©DMahendra/Flick


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