Top 5 resorts in Bali

Ulun Danu Temple in Bali

Ulun Danu Temple in Bali ©Jo@net/Flick

The population of Bali has been able to preserve its traditional culture despite the fact that the number of tourists visiting the island is increasing from year to year, and the foreign effects brought by them can not be neglected. The popularity of water sports grows naturally, Bali offers excellent opportunities for wind surfing and wave surfing, sailing, diving, rafting and many other.

The top 5 resorts in Bali include the Sanur Tourism Beach Resort, the resort of Kuta, the mountain resort of Bedugul, the resort of Sanur and the resort of Nusa Dua.

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The International Airport of Bali, the Ngurah Rai airport, is in the southern part of the island and the regular flights of more international airlines get there.

Sanur Tourism Beach Resort

The Sanur Beach Tourism Resort in Bali is only at 6 km or 20 minutes from Denpasar. It is easily accessible by public transport and motorcycles. The Duch entered the area of Bali for the first time at this place In this section in 1906, during the famous Puputan war. At this top resort center all of the international tourist services are available and you will find excellent opportunities for marine and coastal recreational activities.

Sanur Tourism Beach Resort in Bali

Sanur Tourism Beach Resort in Bali ©monika.monika/Flick

The resort of Kuta

On Kuta the sunset is beautiful and the accommodation options start international hotels to pensions and small guesthouses. There are many shops, restaurants and music entertainment opportunties. You have the opportunity to listen to Balinese music and watch Balinese dance at almost every time of the day, because there are held a lot of presentations for tourists, often at night as well. The town is an ideal meeting place for locals and foreign visitors alike.

The mountain resort of Bedugul

The Bedugul mountain resort in Bali is at 18 km to the north from Denpasar. Its excellent golf course is very famous. Lies near the Bratan lake, at forest-covered foot of the mountains. The sight of the Ulun Danu temple is unique, it looks like it is floating on the surface of the lake. There are many great footpaths in the area. You can rent boats for water skiing and paragliding on the lake. In the Bali Handara Country Club bungalows and restaurants awaits the visitors.

Ulun Danu Temple in Bali

Ulun Danu Temple in Bali ©Jo@net/Flick

The resort of Sanur

The resort of Sanur in Bali offers many good hotels, restaurants, shops and other tourist facilities. It is separeted from Denpasar by a short drive away and public transport is available until night. The offshore reefs protect the coastline, therefor it is very popular among surfers and the fans of other water sports.

The resort of Nusa Dua

The Nusa Dua resort lies on the Bukit Peninsula of southern Bali. There are the finest and most luxurious hotels. It is well known for its white sand and crystal clear sea water. In the north coast of the peninsula surfing can be practiced on small waves and on the south coast on bigger waves. In Nusa Duabi the taxi is the most convenient mean of transportation.

Nusa Dua in Bali

Nusa Dua in Bali ©Adhi Rachdian/Flick


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