Top 5 attractions for nature lovers in West Kalimantan

Nature in West Kalimantan

Nature in West Kalimantan ©netaholic13/Flick

West Kalimantan is a beautiful place with many tourist attractions and has a diverse population. On the mountainous eastern part of the province, away from the cities and plains can be found many many villages of the Dayak tribes, the indigenous population in Kalimantan. The remainder population of the province is consists of Chinese, Malays and various Indonesian ethnic groups.

Our article is mainly written for those who really like to discover the natural beauties of a country. The top  5 attractions for nature lovers in West Kalimantan include national parks, islands and areas with a great flora and fauna.

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The Palung National Park

The Palung National Park is located in the Ketapang Prefecture on an area of 90 000 km2 and has an extremely rich flora and fauna. Heat sources, lakes and caves enhance the uniqueness of the park. This special natural attraction in West Kalimantan can be easily reached by plane from Pontianak, but you can also choose to travel to Ketapang or Telok Melano with motorboat and than have a 2 hour minibus trip to the park. The third option would be to travel with the traditional boat called kandong; this is a six hours trip.

Mangrove Forest in Ketapang

Mangrove Forest in Ketapang ©Forest Carbon/Flick

The Karimata Island

The Karimata Island is at 100 km from Ketapang. The 77 000 km2 large spectacular marine conservation area is the home of many kind of turtles and a wide variety of dugongs (sea cows). The Rakadi usman is an inner airport and the seaport has an oustranding role for the connection with the whole Kalimantan. The visitor can choose from a large varieaty of relatively simple hotels and restaurants.

Kapuas Hulu

Kapuas Hulu is the territory with the richest biodiversity in Kalimantan, it is a popular eco-tourism destination in West Kalimantan. Besides the huge lagoon the Betung Kerihun National Park offers other attractions, as well for the botanists and the animal lovers. The Dayak rituals, the music and other performing arts events, crafts, the daily life of the local communities are all very interesting. But the atmosphere of West Borneo can be really experienced during a jungle adventure tour, defying with the river with rapids and discovering the caves.

Kapuas Hulu in Kalimantan

Kapuas Hulu in Kalimantan ©yudhiy/Flick

The Kendawangan Nature Reserve

The Kendawangan Nature Reserve is an important tourist attraction in West Kalimantan. Its territory of 150 000 hectares has a rich ecosystem made up of lowland, coastal, mangrove and swamp forests. The peat lands of the nature reserve are the inhabitancy of the sea turtles.


Nokanayan a secret paradise in the heart of Borneo: the unique beauty of nature, a tropical canyon, with lush jungles, rivers full of rapids with a diverse flora and fauna, and the  panorama of the Schwaner mountains are unique. The 200 meters high, 50 meters wide waterfalls of Nokanayan and Noka Jengonoi are surrounded by canyons and and pristine natural environment.

Nature in West Kalimantan

Nature in West Kalimantan ©netaholic13/Flick

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