Top 5 architectural tourist attractions in Yogyakarta

Prambanan Temple Complex

Prambanan Temple Complex ©johan wienland/Flick

Yogyakarta was a territory of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, the huge Mataram Empire. The town of Yogyakarta is also known as Yogya, Jogjakarta, Jogja and was town founded in 1755, when the land split in the former Mataram Yogyakarta the Surakarta or Solo after a dispute of land ownership .

Prince Mangkubumi built the kraton (palace) of Yogyakarta and he created the most powerful Javanese state ever. The Kraton is still the center of the city’s traditional life. Despite of the 20th century development the town still has a sophisticatied atmosphere that characterized the its art and people for centuries.

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The top 5 architectural tourist attraction in Yogyakarta include 2 palaces, 2 temples and a factory.

Palaces in Yogyakarta

The Taman Sari Water Palace is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Yogyakarta and once was the garden of delights and is located in the west of the kraton. Its ruins, pools, arches and underground passages are still visible today. The name of it means “scented garden” and it was built in 1758 by sultan Hamengkubuwono for himself and his harem girls. The building complex also has a tower, from which the sultan see the female bathing pools. The Taman Sari lies the old town not far from the bird market and it is opened every day between 8 am and 2 pm.

Taman Sari Water Palace

Taman Sari Water Palace ©ngotoh/Flick

The Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat  Palace (Kraton) quarter is located in the city center on the land between the Winongo and Code rivers. Its majestic and elegant squares, courtyards and buildings are built in the Javanese architecture style and are north-south oriented lying in the middle of an imaginary line connecting the Merapi volcano the Parangtritis shore. The Kraton is a marvelous architectural tourist attraction in Yogyakarta but is still the residence of the sultan. However, some parts are opened for visitor from of 8 am to 1 pm, and from 8 am to 12 pm on Fridays.

Temples in Yogyakarta

The Kalasan temple is a unique Buddhist temple at 16 km to the east from Yogyakartától and to the south of the main road to Solon. It was built in the memory of King Pancapana from the Sanjaya Dynasty and princess Dyah Pramudya Wardhani from the Sailendra Dynasty. It was elaborately decorated with carved reliefs that were conserved with vajralepa, one of the local three species.

Kalasan temple

Kalasan temple ©Mark Joseph Lopez/Flick

The Prambanan temple complex was named after the village with the same name at 17 km from Yogyakarta. The Hindu temple is known by the locals as the temple of Roro Jongrang (slender virgin). It is an important tourist attraction and perhaps is the most beautiful Hindu temple in the whole Indonesia. It can be visited every day between 6 am and 5 pm.

Prambanan Temple Complex

Prambanan Temple Complex ©johan wienland/Flick

The Taru Martani cigar factory

The Taru Martani cigar factory was founded in 1918 to satisfy the needs of the cigar lovers. The company produces today 14 kinds of worldwide famous cigars: Cigarillos, Extra Cigarillos, Senoritas, Panatella, Slim Panatella, Half Corona, Corona, Super Corona/Grand Corona, Boheme, Royal Perfecto, Rothschild, Churchill. It is an interesting tourist attraction in Yogyakarta.

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