Top 3 public parks in Jakarta

Beautiful Indonesia Park in Jakarta

Beautiful Indonesia Park in Jakarta ©borkazoid/Flick

Suggestively called “Beautiful Indonesia”, the park is a small scale replica of Indonesia and invites the curious on a journey through time and space to familiarize with the history, nature and cultural heritage of the Indonesian people.

During your itinerary tour in the capital of Indonesia you can not miss a visit at the Fatahillah Park, a large area paved with cobblestone. If you are looking for places where you can feel good in Jakarta, try a visit to the Jaya Ancol Amusement Park, located in the north of the capital, the busiest area of Jakarta. It is a giant theme park, where adventure and fun are the watchwords.

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The Beautiful Indonesia Park

The Beautiful Indonesia Park will surely get your attention! This outdoor museum is located in the eastern part of the city and covers an area of ​​165 ha. A journey through the alleys of the park will lead to pavilions representing various types of traditional constructions of 26 provinces of the country. Each house is distinguished by architecture and specific details of the area they represent, while the interiors of the houses are decorated with traditional furnishings. This Indonesian version of a village museum gets crowded during weekends. So if you do not like the crowd, choose to visit the museum on weekdays.

Beautiful Indonesia Park in Jakarta

Beautiful Indonesia Park in Jakarta ©borkazoid/Flick

The Fatahillah Park

The Fatahillah Park in Jakarta is an important tourist landmark for all tourists planning to visit the History Museum, the Museum of Art or the Doll Museum. In the center of the park there is a fountain, unfortunately dismantled today. In the time of Dutch settlers here were organized public executions.

The Fatahillah Park in Jakarta

The Fatahillah Park in Jakarta ©mark 75/Flick

The Jaya Ancol Theme Park

The Jaya Ancol Theme Park is the largest of its kind in the country, lies on an island in the Bay of Jakarta and is equipped with numerous ponds, swimming pools, an area for fishing enthusiasts, and nightclubs with an entertaining atmosphere, restaurants with diverse menus and a spa and hotel. It is a park that you must visit in Jakarta!

If you want to buy some interesting souvenirs, visit the “Pasar Seni” Market, arranged here, where you will find the most beautiful crafts, antiques and pieces of pottery. Even if you are not fond of shopping, the market is a picturesque, colorful place, where you have the opportunity to interact with the locals. And for a perfect and complete day, do not miss the performances of traditional music and dance organized on the scene of the park.


The Pasar Seni in Jakarta

The Pasar Seni in Jakarta ©nikenmakki/Flick

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