Things you should know before visiting the Island of Batam

Turi Beach in Batam

Turi Beach in Batam @Sándor & Ihsaana/Flick

Batam is the name of the  island and also the name of the largest city on the island, and is located in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia. The island is considered to be a free trade area, located at about 20 kilometers from the coast of Singapore. The municipality of the Batam Island encompasses a population of approximately 1.2 million inhabitants, but the island is considered to be smaller than the municipality, which also covers neighboring islands.

There are some things you should know before visiting the Island of Batam regarding climate, the history of the island and industrial changes in the recent years.

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Short history of Batam

The history of the Island of Batam is deeply tied to the history of the Island of Bitan and all islands in the Riau archipelago. After some excerpts from Chinese Chronicles Batam Island was inhabited since 231 B.C., when the state of Singapore was called Pulau Ujung. The Island of Batam came under the control of the Malacca kingdom in the thirteenth century and later was conquered by Sultan Johor until the year 18.

The villages on the coast, from where you can see the Singapore state, is said that had been hiding places for pirates. In 1824 the name of the island appeared in the London treaty, a treaty that divided the Dutch and the British regions. The Batam Island with the other adjacent islands later became part of the Riau Lingga Kingdom until 1911, when the Dutch colonial administration has made ​​its mark.

Inhabitants of Batam

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Weather in Batam

The Island of Batam has a tropical climate, characterized by average temperatures between 26 and 32 Celsius degrees. Humidity in the region varies between 73% and 96%, which determines the island to have a wet season from November to April, and a dry season from May to October.

Turi Beach in Batam

Turi Beach in Batam @Sándor & Ihsaana/Flick

Economy of Batam

Since 1970 the island was transformed from a wide forested area to an industrial area. Shipbuilding and electronics are major industries in the economy of the island. Being very close to the ports of Singapore, the speed of transmission and distribution of goods is much higher and has much lower costs.

Starting with the year of 2006, after a treaty signed with Singapore, the Island of Batam, Bintan and Karimun are located in an area with open trade, being eliminated the tariffs and taxes on products. In 2010, over 58% of tourists who visited the Island of Batam were from Singapore, and 13% were from Malaysia.

Hotel in Batam

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