Things you should know before visiting Bali

Rice terraces in Ubud, Bali

Rice terraces in Ubud, Bali ©grand Yann/Flick

The people of Bali are very tolerant with tourists. Although they are deeply religious, they don’t impose a dress code like in the churches. In general, if you intend to visit as many places as possible on the island, put in you luggage comfortable shoes. Opt for sandals for walking in the town and shoes for walking in the mountains and national parks. Of course you can buy a pair of one of the most original, handmade sandals from the markets in Kuta or Ubud.

In general, the Belinese adopt casual clothes from natural, comfortable and very colorful materials.


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The cotton tops and shirts, the light pants, the shawls and wide brimmed hats for ladies are a suitable outstanding.

When you visits the places of worship in Bali you are required to wear sober outfits. It is important to have your body covered. Apart from personal hygiene products, don’t forget the sunscreen solution, bath suit, mosquito protection solutions and a first aid kit.

Payments in Bali

The national currency in Bali is the rupee, but most of the hotels in tourist resorts, travel agencies, rent-a-car companies and restaurants often displays the prices in USD as well. If you use travelers checks, they can be converted at the post office which can be identified by the symbol “Cek Pos”. Currency conversion can be done either at banks or at the ATMs. In general, the exchange rate of the ATM is better in comparison to banks. If you opt for exchange, always check the amount of the commission, prior to making the transaction. In the main tourist resorts is at least one bank branch that offers full banking services.

Hotel in Bali

Hotel in Bali ©zsoolt/Flick

If you plan trips in the remote areas of the Island of Bali, make sure you have sufficient funds, because the banking services points are limited in these areas, and if you find some, the exchange commission is really high. Most shops accept card payments for fees ranging between 3 and 5%, and ATM withdrawals can be made in urban areas such as Densapar, Kuta or Ubud. ATMs are numerous, being present mainly in supermarkets or shopping centers. MasterCard, Visa or American are accepted at any ATM.

Temple in Bali

Temple in Bali ©David Blackwell./Flick

The tourist visa in Bali

Tourists from the USA who want to spend their holiday in Bali can get a visa at Denpasar International Airport in VOA system, which has a validity of 30 days and for which you must pay a fee of 25 USD, based on the presentation roundtrip ticket and a tourist voucher issued by the hotel where you made your reservation.

Rice terraces in Ubud, Bali

Rice terraces in Ubud, Bali ©grand Yann/Flick


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