Things you need to know before visiting Kuta

Mall in Kuta

Modern mall in Kuta ©Cliffano/Flick

The temperature in Kuta is constant throughout the year, more specifically it is usually around 30 Celsius degrees. Because of this, many tourists love this part of the Asian continent, because they can take advantage fully of their vacation, on the whole duration of stay.

In order to get to Indonesia, implicit in Kuta, you must have a valid passport for at least six months, but also a tourist visa, which can be purchased when you enter the country, according to an agreement between the USA and Indonesia. We would like to present you some things that you need to know before visiting Kuta.

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Payments in Kuta

The Indonesian rupiah is the only currency accepted in Indonesia, but you don’t have to worry if you have another type of currency, because there are many banks and currency exchanges all over the island. This is the same in Kuta. However, be prepared for any situation.

Transport in Kuta

To get in Kuta, you can take a plane to the international airport of this village linking it with many of the towns and cities in Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Although there are buses and other forms of transportation in Kuta, such as auto rickshaw, we recommended you either to walk, because the village is not very big in size, either to take a taxi, because the prices are pretty reasonable. If you choose, however, the bus is good to know that they are quite unhealthy and often very crowded.

The beach of Kuta

The beach of Kuta ©eGuide Travel/Flick

Accommodation facilities in Kuta

From the point of view of the possibilities for accommodation, Kuta is a town as developed as it can be. In this village there are over 25 hotels, hostels, pensions, and so on. If you have a high budget and want to have a dream holiday, then it is recommended to go to Grand Istana Rama or to the Cliff Edge Visa Rental. If budget is medium or lower, then you can opt for the Diana House, Fat Yogis or Komal Indah, where the price of accommodation for one night should not be more than 15 to 20 dollars.

Conrad Bali's Swim pool in Kuta

Conrad Bali’s Swim pool in Kuta ©ChooNoi/Flick

Shopping in Kuta

Even if Kuta is a small village, it has a huge tourism potential. You can take advantage of four shopping malls that have recently been built, in particular to increase the number of visitors. The newest one is the Riverwalk Mall, a complex that offers restaurants, cafes, clubs, cinemas, and so on.

Mall in Kuta

Mall in Kuta ©Cliffano/Flick


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