Things to know before you visit Denpasar

View of Denpasar

View of Denpasar ©ATom.UK/Flick

Given that the city has only two seasons, a dry and a wet one, it is recommended to visit the city in the dry season. Even of this period has high temperatures and the rainfall rate is low, you will certainly not feel it on the beautiful beaches of the city.

We present you some things to know before you visit Denpasar including the transportation in the city, different shopping options and some important information regarding food. It is good to be prepared in this areas befor you arrive to the city, there are some important things that will really help you have an enjoyable stay.

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Transportation in Denpasar

Denpasar is considered to be a city with high pollution and an intense traffic. But for those who want to walk through the city center can easily do it, because the city officials built parks and alleys specifically for walking.

Taxis can be found throughout the city, and those who visit the city with a group of friends can choose to rent a bemo for the desired destination. Keep in mind that prices are negotiable and although Indonesians are wonderful people, they will not hesitate to overload prices if given the chance.

Transport routes called “bemo” are quite crooked. If you are an adventurous person, it is recommended to ask the locals what bemo to take to the area where you want to go in Denpasar. An unwritten rule regarding this mode of transport is that nearly all pass through the Kereneng terminal. For going from a bemo to another one is a fee of 7,000 rupees, though this price is valid only for tourists, Indonesians pay less. For this reason it is recommended to take a taxi because it is much cheaper, faster and more comfortable.

As in other cities in Bali, in Depansar can be rented bikes, although most tourists arrive in town with bikes and does not rent them here.

View of Denpasar

View of Denpasar ©ATom.UK/Flick

Shopping in Denpasar

Although it doesn’t occur in all tourist guides, you must know that Denpasar is the best place for shopping throughout Bali.

The most frequented areas of the city is the Badung Market, which offers customers fresh food, spices or handicraft products. You will also find many shops with gold jewelry, which are very sought by tourists because the prices are much cheaper than in other areas.

In Denpasar you will find also find shopping centers, the most important being the Jalan Diponegro and the Ramayana. In these malls you can find a wide range of products, from textiles to art objects.

Market in Denpasar

Market in Denpasar ©Kojach/Flick

Traditional cuisine of Denpasar

Denpasar is a paradise for gourmets because there live people from different cultures with different culinary recipes. The restaurants specialize in different foods, and sometimes it will be very difficult to find traditional Indonesian food and is recommended to ask a locals or someone from the hotel where you are staying.

Food in Denpasar

Food in Denpasar © Matt @ PEK/Flick


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