The Scrumptious Indonesian Chinese Cuisine

Indonesia Nasi Goreng


Indonesian menus host a delectable and diverse variety that suits every taste. More than you can imagine for the infamous ‘Nasi Goreng’ delicacy we attribute to the Indonesian stereotype.
The finest Indonesian Chinese cuisine exists due to its cultural and foreign influences. Classic regional dishes are prepared with addition of coconut milk, chili and spices. There is just a fine line between those Nonya cuisine by the Peranakan.
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Indonesian Chinese ‘goreng’ dishes are mainly noodles, and when you see ‘Nasi’, it means it is a rice dish. Bakmi Goreng, Kwetiau Goreng, Kwetiau Ayam, Mie Goreng, Mie Ayam, Mie Bakso, and Mie Rebus (which is Indonesian Chinese and Javanese) is my favourite.


Kwetiau is different from the noodles just by its shape. It is basically ‘flat noodles’. The variations include the additions of chicken (ayam), wonton (pangsi) or meatball (bakso).

Cap Cai

Cap Cai is a wok stir-fried vegetable dish. Literally, it means “mixed vegetables”. Expect the vegetarian version consisting of cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, Napa cabbage, cabbage, baby corn, mushroom, carrot and leek all chopped. Seasoned with chopped garlic, onion, salt, sugar, soy sauce, Chinese cooking wine and oyster sauce. Those with meat variety might consist of liver, gizzard, beef, chicken, fish, cuttlefish and even shrimp.

Nasi Tim

Nasi Tim is a steamed chicken rice. The word ‘tim’ means steam. Chicken, mushroom, hard boiled egg seasoned in garlic and soy sauce are what makes this dish special. Its preparation is also easy as the ingredients are gathered and put at the bottom, filled with rice in a tin bowl and set it for steaming. Nasi Tim is best served with a light chicken broth soup.

Ayam Kalasan

Ayam Kalasan which origins are from Yogyakarta (Kalasan) is a Fried Chicken dish with crispy granules best served with a hot chili sauce that is combined with the sweet tomato ketchup. Coconut water, shallots, Salam leaves/bay leaves, Galangal and brown sugar is what makes this dish having a salty (yet sweet) with a special fragrance. Kalasan is the name of a Javanese temple.


Indonesia Laksa


For Vegetarians, there are many different vegetable soups. The two nationwide Indonesian soups are Sayur Asem and Sayur Lodeh. Laksa is from Bogor and Jakarta but it is really delicious! So if you like spiciness, Tumis Kangkung, is a stir fried spicy spinach dish, mainly Javanese. Nasi pecel and Karedok (West Java), Ketoprak and Gado-gado are all vegetarian food.

The other rice dishes are Nasi Ulam (Jakarta), Nasi Uduk (Java), Tumpeng, Nasi Campur or Nasi Rames, Nasi Kuning, Nasi Padang, Nasi Liwet and Nasi Goreng being the most famous. It is Indonesia’s national dish.

Nasi and Rendang

Basically, the word ‘Goreng’ means fried or stir fried. Indonesians usually use the kecap manis (a sweet soy sauce) to spice it up. The necessary seasonings are shallot, garlic, tamarind and chilli. Usually, accompaniments are eggs, chicken and prawns. However, the best dish to go with it is Rendang and this food is so delicious that it deserves an entire post on its own to be introduced to you!

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