The Raja Ampat Archipelago in West Papua

Raja Ampat beautiful underwater world

Raja Ampat beautiful underwater world ©”Buzz”/Flick

West Papua is the northwestern tongue of the Indonesian part of New Guinea. The area of ​​the Bird’s Head Peninsula, also known as Doberai or Semenanjung Kepala Burung, and the surrounding small islands make up a population of approximately 800 000 people, making it one of the least populated areas in Indonesia. Manokwari is the provincial capital of West Papua.

The Raja Ampat Archipelago, also known as the Four Kings Islands, in the north-western corner of West Papua is made up of more than 40 thousand km2 sea and land area and more than 1,500 tiny islands.

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The Coral Triangle is one of the world’s most important coral groups.

The waters of the Raja Ampat Archipelago hide the richest marine wildlife of the Earth. Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and four main islands of Misool, plus hundreds of smaller islands make up the Bird’s Head refuge, a large protected area for ​​sharks, turtles and for devil rays. You can also find there the Cendrawasih Bay, the largest marine national park of Indonesia at the coast of the Bird’s Head Peninsula of New Guieea.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat ©”Buzz”/Flick

Coral reefs in Raja Ampat

From the perspective of marine biodiversity, Raja Ampat Archipelago is considered one of the richest sources of the world. The massive coral clusters show that the reefs are resistant to bleaching and the diseases, which seriously threaten the coral global survival. The strong ocean currents carry away the coral larvae from Raja Ampat to the areas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, thereby enriching other reef ecosystems as well. The coral diversity, and the ability of enriching other reefs, make the marine life protection of this area a top priority from global perspective.

Raja Ampat beautiful underwater world

Raja Ampat beautiful underwater world ©”Buzz”/Flick

Marvelous biodiversity in Raja Ampat

In the waters of the Raja Ampat Archipelago besides the 537 species of corals are living 699 mollusk speciesas well. It also proves that the astonishing diversity of marine life here.

Some areas have enormous juvenile fish swarms, but often appear sharks, such as carpet sharks (wobbegong), as well. In Mansuar is significant the manta ray and turtle population. Here you have a good chance that, looking down from the ship or just swimming or diving in the shallow waters close to the coast, you have an unforgettable meeting with dolphins or even a whale swimming around.

On the islands you can see lush forests, rare plants, limestone cliffs, sea turtle egg deposit and breeding sites.

View of Raja Ampat

View of Raja Ampat ©”Buzz”/Flick


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