The natural attractions of West Papua

Beautiful view in West Papua

Beautiful view in West Papua ©ollanani/Flick

West Papua is one of the last mysterious wilderness areas. Its endless jungles is more impenetrable than the great jungle of the Amazon, in the mangrove swamps live large crocodiles and in the eastern mountains some isolated tribes may even zealously kept alive cannibalism. From the coastal towns you can not even reach the interior of the island on the land or on water, so the only option remains traveling by air.

Looking down from the airplane you will discover a majestic landscape: the hude delta of the Mamboramo, the green laces shores of Lake Sentani, the mad corners of the Baliem River or the vast endless forests hiding many secrets.

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Pasir Putih beach

Pasir Putih beach © thienzieyung/Flick

Beaches in West Papua

The Pasir Putih beach in West Papua is covered with soft white sand and has crystal clear waters. The beautiful environment and pleasant winds make it perfect place to relax and swim. It is at only two km from Manokwari so it is easily accessible by car, motorbike and public transportation.

The Amban coast of the Pacific Ocean with high waves up to 2 meters is a perfect place for surfers. It is at 5 km from Manokwari.

Near the beautiful, clean and long beach of the Kasuarina Cape in West Papua is a large variety of exotic corals, so it is very popular place among diving enthusiasts. It is located at 3 km from the town of Sorong.

Resort on the Pasir Putih beach

Resort on the Pasir Putih beach ©insansains/Flick

Three islands of West Papua

The Crocodile Islands in West Papua with its gently sloping beaches, soft sand and crystal clear water await the swimmers and fishermens. It can be easily reached by motorboat because it is at only half a kilometer from the town of Sorong.

The Kafi au island lies in the Dampir Waigeo strait that is rich in marine life. Besides the natural beauty of the environment, it has an exciting and enchanting flora and fauna of the seabed, so it is and excellent dive site. It can be reached in one and a half hour with boat from Sorong.

In the Matan Island are native a diversity of tree species, it has soft sand, clear sea water, all tese making it ideal for swimming and fishing. It can be reached with motorbike in 20 from Sorong.

Beautiful view in West Papua

Beautiful view in West Papua ©ollanani/Flick

The inland waters of West Papua

A Kabor Lake in West Papua with its beautiful panoramic view is an ecellent freshwater fishing place. It is at 20 km from Manokwari.

The Maredred Falls in the village of Pasir Putih lies in a particularly beautiful natural surrounding. The waterfall is also a great swimming place as well. It can be reached from the city of Fak-Fak by a 10 minute boat trip followed by two hours of walking along the river.

The Klaijili termal water can be found in the Makbon district of West Papua and its water is healing skin problems or diseases. It is locaed at 60 km from Sorong and is easily accessible by all means of transportation.


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