The natural attractions of Central Sulawesi

The Togean Islands in Central Sulawesi

The Togean Islands in Central Sulawesi ©elrentaplats/Flick

Central Sulawesi has a beautiful natural surrounding. It has a diverse fauna and flora, the ebony, the teak wood, the rattan, the banyan and black orchid are especially precious. A shy babirusa, the anoa, deer and various species of birds including the rare hammerhead hen, the negro macaque native in Celebes, the tangkasi ie the tarsier are awaiting for the adventurous visitors including those who love hiking, whitewater paddling and bird observing.

In the following we present you the most important natural attractions of Central Sulawesi, so you can have an idea of what is waiting for you if you decide to spend some days there.

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The Togean Islands

The Togean Islands ©elrentaplats/Flick

The Lariang River

The Lariang is the longest river of the island, passing through the Napu, Beso, Bada and Gimpu Valleys to the Makassar Gorge. The rafting suitability of some sections was discovered by a white water rafting American team. This region is considered to be one of the world’s best rafting location, the rapids are are of WW IV -V grade. The hiking is also popular in the area, many people are linking in with the rafting. The roar of the Lariang river is heard almost everywhereand in the wilderness the hikers are surrounded by huge, blue colored tropical rain forests.

The Togean Islands

The Togean Islands are lying on the equatorial area. These 6 islands are the results of volcanic activity which is covered by especially beautiful tropical rainforest. This enchanting archipelago is one of the jewels of Central Sulawesi. It has beautiful reefs, isolated sandy gulfs, bajaud traditional fishing village, lush rain forests.

The Togean Islands in Central Sulawesi

The Togean Islands in Central Sulawesi ©elrentaplats/Flick

The Lindu Lake

The Lindu Lake in the Lore Lindu National Park is the second largest lake in Central Sulawesi, it has about 3150 acres of water surface. It is located on a plateau that is 1,200 meter high with a beautiful view and cool climate. At the lake are wooden houses for rent.

The Poso Lake

Many special and unique attractions await the traveler around the Poso Lake. It is located in the center of Central Sulawesi and the whole Indonesia, at 657 meters above sea level. From north to south has a length of over 32 km and a width of 16 km. It is 360 meters deep on the south side and and 510 meters deep on the north side. The water is almost always clear, after a hard hiking in the jungle of the Lore Lindu National Park ​​the lakeshore is ideal resting place. In the dry season from October to April the lake is flanked by white-sand beaches.

Coral reefs in Central Sulawesi

Coral reefs in Central Sulawesi ©elrentaplats/Flick

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