The National Monument and the Gereja Zion Church in Jakarta

The National Monument in Jakarta

The National Monument in Jakarta ©peregrinari/Flick

The National Monument located in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, is a true emblem of the country and was built in the memory of the heroes of the country who have lost their lives in military conflicts against the domination of the colonists. It occupies an impressive area of 80 ha and was inaugurated about four decades ago.

One of the most visited tourist attractions in Jakarta is the Gereja Zion Church. Don’t worry, you can not miss it, because it is located near the Fatahillah Park. Built in 1695, it is the oldest Christian place of worship in the capital of Indonesia.


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The National Monument

The National Monument in Jakarta is represented by a tall tower with a golden tip that has a shape of a torch of fire. Beyond its historical significance, the Monas Square in Jakarta is usually the place where are organized the most famous sport activities, being also the center of all entertainments when it comes to public festivities celebrating the big national holidays.

The National Monument in Jakarta

The National Monument in Jakarta ©peregrinari/Flick

For those in search of a spectacular scenery, it must be said that the National Monument can be visited with an elevator. Many people say that from the terrace of the building you can capture the most beautiful panorama of the city of Jakarta. If you climb the monument in Jakarta on a sunny day, the scenery is even more interesting because you can see the Salak Mountains and also the north part of the ocean. The monument also hosts a museum in a shape of an amphitheater where you can see rare documents and manuscripts regarding the history of the city.

The National Monument in Jakarta

The National Monument in Jakarta ©isawasi/Flick

Moreover, on the ground floor of the monument is located the National History Museum of Jakarta. Fully decorated with marble, the museum is really impressive and houses artifacts dating from ancient times until today. After you have visited the building, you can relax in the park around the Monas Square, where you will find some rare species of plants surrounding very elegant artesian fountains.

The Gereja Zion Church

The Gereja Zion Church in Jakarta was built by Dutch settlers as a place of worship for slaves brought from the former Portuguese colonies. Special attention deserves the construction itself but also the interior items such as a copper chandelier or a very old organ, last time used in 2000. During the Sunday service, the church often becomes too small.


The Gereja Zion Church in Jakarta

The Gereja Zion Church in Jakarta ©nSeika/Flick

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