The Most Scenic Villages in Indonesia

photo by Bart Speelman/flickr

Indonesia is a land with a colorful diversity which can mostly be experienced touring the remote and traditional villages of the islands. If you yearn for a more relaxed holiday, where you can learn more about the people and culture of this amazing land, then you should visit the most scenic villages in Indonesia. They not only provide you with a more in-depth knowledge of their ways of life but also picturesque settings and sights for photography. As for the roads that lead to these places; well, let’s just say that some of them are quite challenging, but what better way is there for you to experience on a more off-hand basis their culture.

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Kaliurang, Java

photo by Lip Kee/flickr

On the island of Java, very close to the city of Yogyakarta lies the small resort village of Kaliurang. It is surrounded by forests and the Merapi Mountain in the south. You can trek the mountain , but there are also hiking trails in the forests, though if you want to explore the more dangerous parts of the woods than you should probably ask a local to be your guide. Among the many visitors, a lot come from the nearby Yogyakarta city to relax and spend a a more calming weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Do remember that you may have to pay a small entrance fee to the village.

Labuan Bajo, West Flores

photo by Julien Silva/flickr

Located in West Flores, Labuan Bajo (also spelled Labuanbajo) is quite the tourist destination. Though a village, it has a great popularity among visitors to Flores, especially if their main destination is the Komodo National Park. Thus the village is also called the gateway to the Komodo Islands. You can get to the village from Sumbawa (take the ferry) or from Maumere or Ende by bus. There are several companies which organize cruise trips to Bali and Lombok, but you can stay on the mainland and go diving or snorkeling somewhere. Try to buy a local tourist guide book at one of the stores to see what other kinds of activities you can take part in.

Kampung Naga, West Java

photo by RainbowFantasy/flickr

To experience the more traditional village life in Indonesia than you must make a visit to Kampung Naga in West Java. This administrative district is the perfect image of the culture of the Sundanese tribes, showing houses that look they’ve never seen civilization and people who still spend their lives as their ancestors did years ago, working on the rice fields. The locals really try to keep their traditions intact. The lands surrounding the village are fertile that is why there are so many rice fields  and the forests are dens and sacred, being the burial grounds of the people.

Ke’te Kesu, South Sulawesi

photo by Benjuni/flickr

The traditional village of Ke’te Kesu can be found in the Taratoraja district of South Sulawesi. The most unique feature of the settlement is the row of houses which have curved roofs and many offer locally made craft items. The image of the village is truly idyllic and unique. Here you can experience the lives and culture of the Toraja people.

These were the most scenic villages in Indonesia, but there are still so many other more settlements which either show the traditional aspect of the country or have developed into more touristy destinations with modern facilities and accommodations.


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