The most beautiful natural attractions of Papua

The Sentani Lake

The Sentani Lake ©edwin yepese/Flick

Papua is the region of contrast, there you will find the most the most impenetrable tropical jungles of the world, while mountain with snow covered peaks are towering over its glacial lakes. Papua is the largest and easternmost province of Indonesia, that covers the western part of New Guinea, the second-largest island of the world.

Papua has exceptional natural environment with beautiful and spectacular coastlines, vast extended marshes, meadows with fresh grass and strong-flowing rivers that cut their way into the dense tropical jungles.


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The most densely populated and agriculturraly active part of the island is the region of the Paniai Lakes and the Baliem Valley in east.

Papua can be reached by regular flights from Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Denpasar and Manadao. Twin Otter and Cessna planes are operating between the small airports of the Province of Papua. Every provincial seat of Papua has adequate ports that are according to the international standards. Regarding the inland transportation, cars and motorcycles can be rented anywhere (with or without driver).

The Sentani Lake

The Sentani Lake is located clode to Jayapura, in an almost untouched natural environment at 70-90 meters above the sea level and has an area of 9360 acres. The people that are living on the banks of this gorgeous lake live their everyday lives traditionnaly and they are famous because their wood carvings and pottery work.

The Sentani Lake

The Sentani Lake ©edwin yepese/Flick

The Kasuarina Cape

The Kasuarina Cape got its name of its large Kazuarina trees that can be found in the area. The cape is located at 2 km from Sorong on the Bird Head Island (Semenanjung Kepala Burung) and is an excellent resort and bath place.

Casuarina Grove

Casuarina Grove ©Sudaroviyam சுடரோவியம்/Flick

The city of Biak

The city of Biak on the Biak Island, in the Cendrawasih Gulf is the gate of the Province of Papua. The infrastructure of the city is more developed than in most municipalities of the province. It is famous among tourists because the bathing and water parachute possibilities on the Bosnic beach at east from the city and because of the peral fishery on the Korem beach. In the protected wilderness of the Supiori Island at north from Biak, traditional villages await their visitors.

Aerial view of the Biak area

Aerial view of the Biak area ©a_rabin/Flick

The higest peaks of Indonesia

The Carstensz Pyramid is the highest point of all Southeast Asia and Oceania, it has a height of 4884 meters. In the western part of the province, on the area of the Jayawijaya mountain range, over the equatorial jungles of Papua are towering the snow-capped peaks that are the hardest to reach in the whole world: the Carstensz and the 4862 meter high Ngga Pulu (formerly known as Puncak Jaya).


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