The most beautiful natural attractions in South Sulawesi

Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja ©zhaffsky/Flick

South Sulawesi is a beautiful tourist destination with countless tourist attractions. We already presented the cultural attractions of the area, today we focus on the most beautiful natural attractions in South Sulawesi.

The Bantimurung Falls in South Sulawesi lies at only 41 km from Makassar. Sparkling water cascades are coming out from behind the rocks, than continue their way in the shadow of the hight trees, in trickling streams. The brightly colored Peacock butterflies that live there are considered to be among the most beautiful butterflies in the world.

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At 15 km beneath the Bantimurung Falls lies a gorgeous natural limestone Dream Cave (Goa Mimpi).

The Bantimurung Waterfall

The Bantimurung Waterfall ©Andi 3l4/Flick

Water rafting in South Sulawesi

The Sa’adang River is the lonest river in South Sulawesi, from the section at Tana Toraja is especially suited for water rafting.

A majestic view of the area

The climate of Bambapuang is cool because it is located at a high altitude, but you have such a majestic view of the the mountains and rivers of Tana Toraja,  which makes it definitely worth stopping for, it is a beautiful natural attraction in South Sulawesi.

Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja ©zhaffsky/Flick

Batumonga lies at 1300 meters above sea level. 56 menhirs (prehistoric stone monuments) can be seen here, some of them being three meters high. From Batumonga you have a spectacular view of Rantepao and the surroundings.

The resort village of Malino

Malino is a nice resort village of the Bawakaraeng Mountain, the area is famous as the habitat of the delicious Markisen fruit, also known as Passion fruit. The 1050 meter high mountain is coveres with pine forest.

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit ©cobaltfish/Flick

Dive site near the Kapoposan Island

The surrounding of the Kapoposan Island is rich in coral reefs, it is a great dive site and is located at only a few ours from Makassar.

The best beaches

The coastal areas of the Barruel regency at 134 km away from Makassar are particularly beautiful. The Island of Pannikiang is the homeland of thousands of flamingos, Puteangin has a wonderful beach and the sloping shores of the Island of Bakki have white sand.


Flamingoes ©ZeePack/Flick

The Makassar Strait and its surroundings

It is worth admiring the setting sun in the Makassar Strait from the Losari beach promenade, the Penghibur road or at the Paotere port. From the port the Kayangan Island in South Sulawesi is clearly visible; you can get there in a quarter of an hour by ferry. The island is a popular excursion destination, in the evenings and on Sundays entertainments are held there.


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