The main attractions in Bandung

Great climate in Bandung

Great climate in Bandung ©johan wieland/Flick

Bandung is the third largest city in Indonesia, the capital of the province called West Java. The city is the second metropolitan area of the country, and includes a population of about 2.4 million inhabitants. Because it is located at an altitude of 768 meters above sea level, temperatures are much lower than in other cities in Indonesia.

The city of Bandung is a very appreciated weekend destination for the residents of Jakarta. The climate characterized by lower temperatures, the variety of foods, the fashion stores with low prices, the golf courses are some of the factors that make this city a popular tourist attraction.

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The famous cheap textiles of Bandung

The city of Bandung is also a commercial center known for textiles and fashion products that are sought especially by the Malaysian and the residents of Singapore. In the early 1990s, more local designers have opened their shops along the Cihampelas street and the street began to be known as the “jeans street”. The city is really appreciated because here you can find clothing at very cheap prices.

Great Mosquee of Bandung

Great Mosquee of Bandung ©jmhullot/Flick

The mixture of old and modern

The main attractions in Bandung include the interesting buildings of the city. Here you can see many examples of Dutch architecture, most of which are in the style of Art Deco. What is striking in these constructions is that adorns the roof on the top of the building. J. Gerber, a Dutch architect, designed the Bedrijven building in the year when it was planned to move the capital from Batavia to Badung. This building is a blend of architectural styles from the west and the east, especially Italian Renaissance style. The building is known as the Gedung State, and is now used as the seat of government for the province of West Java.

The mixture of modern and old buildings, is present all over the city, and in 1930 the town became known for its diversity of architectural styles. Bandung is considered to be a significant cultural center for the entire country.

Modern building in Bandung

Modern building in Bandung ©paularps/Flick

Visiting the city of Bandung

Given that the city of Bandung has a tropical monsoon climate with a high moisture content, it is advisable to avoid the months between November to April, because the rainfall is high. Placing the city at an altitude high enough, makes the temperatures to be lower compared to the other cities. The average annual temperature in Bandung is 23.6 Celsius degrees, and the average annual rainfall varies from 1,000 mm to about 3500 mm.

Great climate in Bandung

Great climate in Bandung ©johan wieland/Flick


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