The Lampung Province in Indonesia

Accommodation in Lampung

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The ancient Chinese travel literature refers to a southern region of Sumatra, which they call as Lamphung, or the place where the southern winds blow.

The Lampung Province in Indonesia is mostly flat, the highest mountains there are the Gunung Pesagi, the Tanggamas, the Seminiung, the Sekincau and the Raya, all of them being dormant volcanoes.

Bandar Lampung is the provincial capital and originally consisted of two cities: Tanjungkarang and the harbor of Teluk Betung.


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They where covered in volcanic ash during the famous eruption of the Krakatau. After the reconstruction of the two cities they were united.

Approaching the Lampung Province

Internal flights come to the Lampung Province in Indonesia every day from the city of Jakarta. The Rajabasa bus station is one of the busiest stations in Sumatra, buses are arriving and departing almost constantly. The trip from the city of Jakarta takes 8 hours, this also including the ferry trip for crossing the Sunda Strait between Merak in Java and Bakaheuni in Sumatra. From Palembang are arriving three trains during a day.

Ranau Lake in Lampung

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Turist attractions in the Lampung Province

The Memorial and the Museum of Krakatau

If you are traveling to the Lampung Province in Indonesia you should visit the memorial of the eruption of the Krakatau Volcano and the Krakatau museum in Bandar Lampung.

The Island of Krakatau

The Island of Krakatau is populated and it is located on the southern part of the Lampung Bay. It can be reached by boat from the fishing village of Canti that lies near Kalinda in the southern part of Lampung. The boat trip takes three hours. The Anak Krakatau (or the child of Krakatau) Volcano is still growing. It emerged from the sea for the first time in 1928, after 45 years of the eruption of the large original volcano, which took place in 1883.

The Anak Krakatau Volcano

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Various ancient artifacts

In the Lampung Province in Indonesia lies the archeological site of Pugung, in the village of Pugung Raharjo, at 40 km to north-east from Bandar Lampung you can see megaliths and some artifacts from the ancient times besides the artifact groups from the classical Hindu-Buddhist era.

The Merak Belantung Beach

The Merak Belantung Beach is located at 40 km to the south from Bandar Lampung, on the way to the harbor of Bekauheni and it is and ideal place for bathing and surfing. On this beautiful beach of the Lampung Province you will find villas that are available for rent.

Accomodation in Lampung

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