The best family activities in Bandung

Beautiful textiles in Bandung

Beautiful textiles in Bandung ©amrufm/Flick

For family activities in Bandung, you should know the transportation of the city. There is a means of local transport called angkot, a van that doesn’t have an exact station or a description of a route, but it can taken directly from the street and you can also get off where you want.

The price for a trip with this means of transport can vary, depending on the length of the route. To stop this angkot just have to raise your hand and it takes you, and if you want to get off, you must tell the driver and he will stop. The prices range from 2,000 to 5,000 rupees.


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In Bandung is a network of buses, but it doesn’t cover the whole city. The buses usually cover long routes in the city, from one end to the other.

If you’d like to undertake family activities in Bandung, maybe it is the best to take a taxi. The cab drivers generally use the system with a certain amount of money for every meter traveled, but there are other taxi drivers who tell you an exact amount of money at the beginning of the route. In the city of Bandung, taxis do not wait on the roadside because the streets are very narrow, and therefore, you have to call them on the phone. Taxi drivers will come to the address you want and they will verify your phone number.

View of Bandung from plane

View of Bandung from plane ©amrufm/Flick

Shopping in Bandung

Shopping for accessories or clothing is the main reason why many visitors come to the town of Bandung, especially on weekends and especially from Jakarta. Shopping can always be an enjoyable activity in Bandung. The newest phenomenon in Bandung is the apparition of the “Distro” stores, which are stores that sell beautiful products made ​​by local designers.

Beautiful textiles in Bandung

Beautiful textiles in Bandung ©amrufm/Flick

Eating in Bandung

Bandung is a paradise for gourmets who like to try new culinary experiences. In the city you can find a variety of culinary products and international dishes as well. The most popular dishes include Bakso Tahu or Siomay, a boiled meats served with peanut paste and sweet soy sauce. The Martabak is a fried pancake and can be both sweet with chocolate, cheese or banana cream, or with savory, filled with vegetables, mushrooms, beef or chicken. Nasi Timbel is the most popular dish of Sudan and it is a rice cooked inside a banana peel. It is usually served with lalapan (raw vegetables), fried tofu or chicken/beef.

Food in Bandung

Food in Bandung ©amrufm/Flick


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