The Bengkulu Province in Indonesia

Marlborough Fort in Bengkulu

Marlborough Fort in Bengkulu ©a_rabin/Flick

The seaside seat of the Bengkulu Province was formerly known as Bencoolen.

This is the place where Sir Stamford Raffl first came to Indonesia and the remains of the ​British influence can still be found in the area.

The main product of the region is the pepper, the coffee, the nutmeg and the sugar cane. The most exciting natural attraction is the huge exotic flower of Rafflesia arnoldii.

The Bengkulu Province can be reached very easily on the land, on the sea and through the air transport.

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Regular buses are going towards the province from the city of Medan, Padang and Jakarta. Internal shipping services with departures from Jakarta, Padang and Medan also stop in the Bengkulu Baai harbor. There are three flight arrivals and departures a day.

Bengkulu Airport

Bengkulu Airport ©sbamueller/Flick

The Tikus Island

The Tikus Island is an excellent place for fishing and snorkeling. The visitors are transported here with motor boats from the old harbour of Bengkulu.

The Marlborough Fort

The Marlborough Fort, also known as the British Fort or the Raffles Fort was built between the years 1714 and 1719, and it is famous of the fact that it was the second strongest English fortress in Asia (the first was the George Fort in Madras, India). Since the completion of the restoration it can be visited by the public.

Marlborough Fort in Bengkulu

Marlborough Fort in Bengkulu ©a_rabin/Flick

The Enggano Island

The Enggano Island is covered with dense rainforest, and has a large number of buffalos, pigs and cattles. The natives lived here in almost complete isolation for many centuries, therefor they have a still living traditional culture today. One of the most popular form of traditional art is the Enganno dance. The island can be reached from the harbor of Baai or the harbor of Bintuhan.

The Bukit Kaba volcano

The crater of the Bukit Kaba volcano is located at 104 km from Bengkulu and at 19 km from Curup at a height of 1937 m above sea level. It has two huge sulfur calderas with 12 active craters. If you spend some days in this great resting place you will enjoy the  wonderful panoramic view and the cool mountain air. In Suban, next to Curup hot springs await those who come for relaxation.

Hotel in Bengkulu

Hotel in Bengkulu ©sbamueller/Flick

The residence of Soekarno

The first President of Indonesia was exiled by the Dutch in 1938 to Bengkulu. Its former location of detention is today a museum containing his books, clothes, photos, and his bike as well. The museum can be visited in weekdays between 8 am and 11 am and on Saturday between 8 am and 12 am.


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