Snorkeling in the Bunaken of North Sulawesi

Bunaken ©nusantarawisataBunaken is the most famous to snorkel as well as to diving. You can find on this banana-shaped island an attraction to people from all over the world. Besides, there are neighboring islands such as Manado Tua, Mantehage, Siladen, Nain Kecil and Nain too. The entire area concludes the marine national park and features an extensive biodiversity from corals, sea turtle, fish, white tip reef-sharks, black tip reef-sharks, dugongs, barracuda, tuna and also saltwater crocodiles. There is a wet season from November with many rains and even storms. Then in May to October is the dry season when you can expect temperatures up to 35 degree Celsius.

What to do in Bunaken

With a proper foot wear, you could do Beach combing on Bunaken beaches. Just bring canvas bag and one plastic shopping bag with you, put on some sun screen and put on a protective clothing. Finally with a camera and you are ready. Hiking, fishing as well as Dolphin and Whale watching are the other activities other than diving. If you like Open water diving and snorkeling, here is the place for you too! There are Ojeks as a form of transportation around the island, you can take these motorized transport or walk to get around. Be warned about walking on the coastline as the beach is not there when there is a high tide.

How to get there

Ojek @the-v.netIf you take the boat from Manado, you will arrive Bunaken in 45 minutes to an hours’ time. Otherwise, if you are there by flight, you will need to get arrangements made for airport transfers to the resort which you have booked. The other alternative is by a public boat that goes from the canal on the north of Manado market. The returning time is rather fixed at 8 or 8:30am. Chartering a private boat is also possible. You may do so at the Manado harbor to Bunaken. Then if you are making plans for going back, it is always best to get back to Manado. In Manado, you can get around using the ompreng or ojek. These are moped taxis. The blue mini buses are Mikrolets or Mikros. For taxis, there are the Bluebird taxi operator, with the blue taxis. Other modes of getting around is the Angkot or Angkutan Kota. In addition, you may get a rental car. Ojek or ‘O-jack’ is the motorcab taxi.

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