Purwokerto and its Hot Springs

Baturraden River ©New Antobilang/flickr

©New Antobilang/flickr

To say you have seen Purwokerto is incomplete if you have not see its central public square. There are six banyan trees and many Purwokertonians like to spend their time in this square. They bring their children to place there, hence many toys vendors can be found there other than those local food vendors. Kabupaten and the old cemetery on the Ragasemangsang Road are some of the places of interest. Baturaden is rather a highland country. It is at the foot of Gunung Slamet volcano and locally it is a popular place. Children’s playgound, for camping, or for hiking, and it has wonderful hot springs namely, Pancuran Pitu and the Pancuran Telu. If you are planning to camp there, look out for the Baturraden Adventure Forest and the Wana Wisata which are campgrounds suitable for campers. More comfortable and less adventurous people will want to book the budget hotels, villas that can be easily found.

Local Purwokerto Cuisine

Some delicious local cuisines include the fermented soy bean. It is called the mendoan and special because of its wheat flour dough covering and being deep fried. Ranjem, mino or small nopia, nopia and Tempeh keripik are also some interesting picks. Gethuk goreng are made with cassava and Javanese sugar. Serabi seller… Soto can be found in Sokaraja. Note that there are different types of soto. Some are made from beef and others are made with nut sambal. Try the Soto Kecik near the Buddha’s vihara at sokaraja, you are recommended to really do so.

Wonosobo and Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo ©Baron Lefuet/flickr

Mount Bromo ©Baron Lefuet/flickr

Wonosobo is in Central Java and it is about 120 kilometers from Semarang. Some sights of Semarang includes the Chinese temples like the Sam Poo Kong (Gedung Batu) to honor Zheng He, Tay Kak Sie Temple, Blenduk Church and Tugu Muda monument. This is where the heroes of Indonesia’s independence struggle are remembered. The Semarang River is ready in 2013, but you will get to see the river garders, water activities and sports sites. Other famous buildings to check out are the Lawang Sewu, Saemarang Cathedral, Jalan Pemuda and the Cathedral of the Holy Rosary. For Mount Bromo or Gunung Bromo, it is an active volcano in the East Java. It erupted in 2004, 2010 and recently in 2011. Culturally, the Tenggerese people of Probolinggo make offerings on the 14th day of the Hindu festival of Yadnya Kasada at this place. You can see sacrifices of livestock, rice, flowers, fruits and vegetables being thrown into the caldera of the volcano as a ritual.


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