Palawa and Toraja of Indonesia



In southern Sulawesi is a place called Palawa, it is also accessible by the river of Sa’dang. One of the most interesting feature of this place is you can see Tongkonan on hill tops with bull horns attached in front of their traditional houses. Usually, they can be found among shady bamboo trees. At Toraja, there are several interesting things you can do in Toraja for example, finding out about the interesting Torajan culture, trekking, rafting, shopping and checking out their local arts. Toraja has many traditional graves and traditional houses. If you are looking for the places of interest, you should see the Bokin village where PT. Toarco Jaya Coffee plantataions and factory is. Take a jeep if you are planning to see the entire process of coffee making. The next sight is the Sarambu waterfall in the Sarambu village. It has a beautiful scenary along the way if you are heading there from Rantepao. For those who are adventurous and active enough, it is better you trek or get there by a mountain motorcycle. Be ready though for the bad road conditions. The next three places are Benteng Pontiku, the Karassik and Suaya.

Must try in Toraja

Manganda dance

Manganda dance

When you are in Toraja, you must try their main dishes and drinks. Their traditional dishes include porc, and they cook in a special way called the Pa’piong. It is mainly using a bamboo stick and over an open fire. The Chicken mixed with coconut milk, with a slice of steam young banana and spices is called Pa’piong Manuk. There are other variations such as Pa’piong Ikan Mas, that is using fresh carp, and Pa’piong Babi, and this is pork mixed with a traditional vegetable called the mayana and some spices. Then you should also try the other pork cooked in some kind of Toraja black spices. It is the Babi Pamarasan. How about buffalo meat? If you have not tried any buffalo meat, this dish is called Kerbau Pamarassan which is also cooked in the Toraja black spice. Other recommendations for traditional Toraja dishes are ‘Babi Kecap’, ‘Lawo’ and ‘Masak Katapi’. They are special pork cooked in a spicy sweet soya sauce, chicken with fern and banana stem, grilled and the last item in that order is fish cooked with kecapi fruit. In the case you are looking for all these dishes at one place, you can find them in the Bolu Market.

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