Out-of-the Norm Indonesian Islands

Kasiruta in Bacan ©lintangbuanatours.com

Kasiruta in Bacan

Sometimes, Bacan is spelled Bachan or Batjan. This special island on the North Maluku Province in the Molucca Sea is very near to Halmahera, Kasiruta as well as Mandioli. There are about eighty islets altogether in the Bacan Island group. A total of about 1800 kilometers square, Bacan has lower centre that is leveled, its northern parts are volcanic with even sulfurous springs and the southern parts are mountainous. Locally, they produce timber, spices, copra, tobacco, rice and mother of pearl. If you are planning to get there, the only airport is at Labuba which is the principal city and port. Nature such as streams, soils, trees and animal life. You can see eastern opossums here, the crested Celebes black ages, the pigmy flying phalangers, the birds-of-paradise, the great Indian civets, bats and red bills and heads green parrots! If you like to see more birds, there are golden-capped sunbirds, rare goatsuckers, racquet-tailed kingfishers as well as fruit pigeons with metallic-green and rust plumage. Originally, Bacanese were from Halmahera, there are others like Serani who are Christian with Portuguese ancestry. Also, you can find Malays and Makassarese. Bacan was occupied during the WWII by the Japanese.


Between Papua and Sulawesi, you will see the Halmahera nestled in the area of more than 24 thousand square kilometers. There is a main island and small islands in the surroundings. The Coral Triangle is where it is, where the richest marine life and resources can be found. This highest levels of marine biodiversity with corals and more than 803 reef fish species. With well coordinated provincial, national and neighboring local governments, a level of effective yet sustainable marine resource and coastal management could help to conserve the biodiversity in this region.

Bird’s Head Seascape

Bird’s Head Seascape ©Burt Jones

Bird’s Head Seascape

At the epicenter of the Coral Triangle region is the Bird’s Head Seascape. From Cenderawasih Bay to Raja Ampat archipelago and FakFak-Kaimana coastline. You can find more than one thousand five hundred species of reef fishes. Only 11 percent is protected today, most of the inhabitants around the peninsular coast made their livelihood on the sea, so you can find here a regional network of government-endorsed marine protected area and community. Raja Ampat is the crown jewel in the Bird’s Head Seascape, you can see a boat that provides education for the children mainly locals, about the true value of natural systems for healthy human lives.

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