Nature and sport activities in Bali

Beautiful view in Bali

Beautiful view in Bali ©Marc van der Chijs/Flick

Unique natural landscapes in Bali and large beaches such as those at Kuta or the elegant beaches of Nusa Dua and Cnadidasa are ideal destinations for surfing enthusiasts, whether beginners or experienced. Surfing enthusiasts can capture the most impressive waves at Saneh, Uluwatu or at Medewi.

Tourists passionate of nature walks can consider a trip to Lake Kintamani with breathtaking views, where indigenous populations and Trunyan and Aga will capture you at the first moment with their music and dances.


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Uluwatu in Bali

Uluwatu in Bali ©chee.hong/Flick

The rich vegetation that surrounds the lake, pine forests with its unique flavors are just a few of the details that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Sport activities in Bali

Bali is an ideal vacation destination for tourists that would like to have sport activities, even those keen of strong sensations. You can make surfing on huge waves or rafting in Aying, Telaga Waya and Unda, and paradingling or bungee –jumping.

Stunning natural surrounding

If you are a big fan of traditional art, the finest souvenirs you can buy in Bali from the largest handicraft center of the island found in Ubud. And if you visit Ubud, do not miss a visit to the Sacred Forest, giving home to an impressive colony of monkeys or visit the Neka Museum, where you have the opportunity to become familiar with Balineze painting and sculpture, be it traditional or modern.

Handicraft stores in Ubud

Handicraft stores in Ubud ©coolinsights/Flick

If you are among those that tolerate high temperatures harder, Bedugul in Bali is the right destination for you. A plateau resulting from a volcanic eruption, now inactive, with thermal water springs and an impressive view at 1400 m above sea level, will certainly attract your attention. For touring enthusiasts was arranged the Barat National Park, dedicated to the conservation of flora and fauna. Here you have the unique opportunity to admire the giant trees, rare orchids and wild but coniferous forests as the eye can see. Along the Belin tiger and thrush, the turtles are among the species of the protected island.

The flavor of Bali

For more flavor, be it culinary, visit the fishing village of Jimbaran. If you want to taste the flavor of everyday life of the locals, go to central square of the village in the early hours to buy the freshest seafood and continue your journey towards Seminyak, located at half an hour away, where you can relax at a shopping session, roaming the many boutiques and shops where they sold crafts, jewelry and clothing.

Beautiful view in Bali

Beautiful view in Bali ©Marc van der Chijs/Flick

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