Most important water attractions in North Sulawesi

Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island ©mattk1979/Flick

The province of North Sulawesi is the home of white pristine beaches and the magnificent coral reefs protecting the mountains. The main attractions of Manado can be found on the high seas: the coral reefs of the nearby Bunaken Island are under protection, the conservation area is one of the most beautiful spots for sea diving in the world.

If you haven’t decided yet to travel to this beautiful province, read our presentation regarding the most important water attractions in North Sulawesi.


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Regarding the travel options, regular flights services operate between Jakarta and the Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado touching Makassar as well.

Tasik Ria

The beautiful sandy coastline of Tasik Ria at 20 km from Manado to the south-west is bordered with coconut trees. It is a perfect beach in North Sulawesi for sunbathing, swimming, fishing, and scuba diving. Here you will find the four-star Manado Beach Hotel with 250 rooms, a swimming pool, a bar, a dance room. It is easily accessible from Manado by bus or taxi.

Tasik Ria in North Sulawesi

Tasik Ria in North Sulawesi ©Adam Gerritsma/Flick

Tara Tara

Tara Tara lies at 15 km from Tasik Ria if you go further to the southwest. This small village has traditionally been a center of art and culture in Minahasa. The outdoor dance presentations of the Kemer Garden  enchant every visitor. The Ranowangko dam is famous of the Japanese caves from the Second World War. Nearby you willalso find natural bathing place of Kemer, the Lokon volcano, at the foothills of the Kasehe and the Tatawiran mountains.

The Tondano Lake and Remboken

The Tondano Lake and Remboken lies at 36 km from Manado to the south-west at a height of over 600 meters above sea level. It is an important tourist attraction in North Sulawesi. The road outward leads through charming villages and large clove plantations. The lakeside Remboken tourist resort is an ideal place after the water skiing, fishing or boating. Bungalows, in swimming pools built on heat sources and restaurants are awaiting for the visitors.

The Tondano Lake in North Sulawesi

The Tondano Lake in North Sulawesi ©sektordua/Flick

The Moat Lake

The Moat Lake in North Sulawesi lies in a mountain area, at 900 meters above sea level, that welcome the travelers surrounded by dense forests abounding in birds.

Hot springs

The hot springs with sparkling crystal clear waters hiding amidst a stunning arrangement of the Ranopaso terraced rice fields, deservedly have become popular as a destination. In the nearby Koyya village, at 3 km from Tondano are bungalows for rent.

Bunaken Island

The trip to the Island of Bunaken from Manado takes half an hour by canoe. The area is a famous water attraction in North Sulawesi, being the paradise of scuba divers. The coral reef surrounding the island are famous because of the gap of the Liang bay. The international scuba diving community considers it one of the world’s most spectacular formations, because its caves, gaps, and cavities hide a very rich in marine life. The water is pleasant with an average temperature of 28 ° C, and a visibility over 30 meters.

Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island ©mattk1979/Flick

Saronde Island

The white sandy beaches of the tiny Saronde Island in the Gorontalo district of North Sulawesi are perfect for swimming, boating, diving and water skiing.

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