Marine Tourism in Central Java

Batik ©Rossie/flickrThe province Central Java is famously known for its cultural aspects. The Javanese culture is what people are coming here for. You will notice polite and soft-spoken group of people as compared to the other parts of Indonesia. Here is also the home of Batik which is an exquisite textile made using a wax-resist dyeing technique. Places like Yogyakarta, Pekalongan and Surakarta are some examples of centres for Batik production.

Karimun Jawa in Central Java

In the Java Sea where the 27 islands can be found is where Karimunjawa is. Karimun Jawa offers you an untouched virgin paradise as it is newly discovered. There is a national marine park, many small islands, namely Karimunjawa island, Kemujan island, Menjangan Besar island, and Menjangan Kecil island. People might find this a hidden gem. It is very peaceful with lots of snorkeling opportunities. What other than crystal clear water and swimming with sharks as an activity? Enjoy the wonderful and delicious cheap food, simply an addictive place if you enjoy marine tourism.

Itinerary Recommendations

Some activities like trekking up the Dieng plateau area is one of the challenges for those who are active goers. Experience being on a misty hilltop with a beautiful sunrise. Do also check out a local potato field, the volcanc lakes, the bubbling Siidang crater, the Bima temple and meditation caves other than the Colored and Mirror lake. In the city and Prabanan, you should check out the Sultan Palace, Bird Market, Water Castle, Silversmith, Batik Processing, Kalasan, Sambisari & Prambanan Temple. The Ngasem Bird Market near the Sultan Palace is the oldest since it was founded in the 19th century. Funnily you can also see the other pets such as snake, cat, bat as well as rabbits.

The Water Castle – Tamansari

Taman Sari @Anomalous/flickrIf you like historic and heritage sites, one recommendation is the water castle, Tamansari. It is located at Taman, thus its name in Kraton, Yogyakarta. Other than its beauty, it has a wonderful yet enchanting view with interesting alleys. Find out more about the stoneware used by the Sultan wives. In addition, the Kenongo Building is worth visiting. It is the highest building in the area, thus you may watch a golden sunset. What makes this place unforgettable is the enchanting water pools that has walls blended from Hinduism, European, Java and China styled. The other sights are Pasar Beringharjo and Kota Gede which has a famous silver industry since the 1930s.


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