Maluku as the Dream Islands of Magellan

The Maluku Islands in Indonesia

The Maluku Islands in Indonesia ©Prayudi Hartono/Flick

Magellan lived between 1480 and 1521 and sailed in the service of the King of Spain. He was the first man who led a fleet of five ships to west, starting from Europe to Asia, the first European to sail in the Pacific Ocean or made an expedition around the world. It is clear that few tourists would have the resources to step, mile by mile, in Magellan’s footsteps, but the Maluku Islands, known as the Spice Islands of Indonesia, is one of the places he stopped by that well worth the attention.

The marvelous Maluku Islands

This archipelago is certainly one of the most exotic places that can be visited by a European. From pink-white sand beaches and Komodo dragons to sanctuaries of orangutans and a sultan’s palace, the voyage in the footsteps of Magellan’s promises a long list of “first hits” for any traveler. The small patches of dry paradise forming “Moluccas” embodies a dream come true for seekers of the most successful snorkeling and the amateurs of sandy beaches perfect for pictures.

The Maluku Islands in Indonesia

The Maluku Islands in Indonesia ©Prayudi Hartono/Flick

Protected by tourism because of the big distance, the archipelago is a piece of earth where the dream islands are remarkably hospitable and affordable … once you get there. In Maluku everything moves charmingly slow, except perhaps the accelerated rhythm of the traditional dance Poco Poco. With acceptable rustic features and distances of many kilometers to other populated areas, Maluku islands are a place where the traveler he can “stop the engines”, to delight itself in a tropical land that seems too good to be true.

The Spice Islands of Indonesia

The archipelago provides shivers of pleasure for history lovers: Moluccas were once the “Spice Islands”. Chinese, Arabs and later Europeans Adventurers arrived in search of cloves and nutmeg. By the sixteenth century these spices valued as their weight in gold and could not be found elsewhere in the world. Therefore in Maluku money was growing literally in trees. It is remarkable that the desire for this wealth stayed behind the whole process of European colonization of the area.

The Beech in Maluku Islands

Houses in Maluku Islands ©Titus Hageman/Flick

Places to explore in Maluku

Maluku is an isolated place and Tide timetable is not always convenient. However, with regular flights to this destination and with a flexibility in planning once arrived at destination, the traveler has the opportunity to dive into the extraordinary Indonesian Banda See, can explore the beaches of the Kei Islands, and volcanic islands in northern Maluku or the ruins of a German fortress.
The more than 632 patches of land in Maluku are scattered across a large area on theocean, near one of the most unpredictable volcanic belts in the world. As if to counterbalance this shortcoming, the archipelago is blessed with incredible “marine gardens”, idyllic tropical beaches and volcanic mountains covered with luxurious forests.


Pure nature in Maluku Islands

Pure nature in Maluku Islands ©PsJeremy/Flick

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