Lembongan Island Beach

lembongan island beach villa

Lembongan island

In Indonesia, there are many island beaches. One of which that is outstanding is the Nusa Lembongan. If you book the beach villas, you will probably find that the entire family will love the vacation. This beach island is also ideal for couples and friends. Besides the great island at a great location, there are friendly staff and pleasant and relaxing accommodation. It is close to the water, to the restaurants and best of all, it has a gorgeous view right from the balcony and plunge pool. Here is where you can have a refreshingly cool pool and comfortable open-air lounges. You can surf, take boat ride, ride on scooters around the island, even to the small islands nearby, cliff jumping and jump into aqua inlet, reading, swimming or simply relaxing. You can just chill on the sun lounges, dozing and reading, surfing at surfing breaks such as the Shipwrecks, Playgrounds or Lacerations. You can also do scuba diving and snorkeling. The waters there are crystal clear so you can enjoy a really relaxing lifestyle while you are there.

Lembongan Island

As it is one of the three neighboring islands of Bali and only 20 miles from Lombok, it is a popular tropical island situated 50 meters above sea level. Just 4.5km long and 2.5km wide, there are just about seven thousand people. Most of them practice the Hinduism, a special combination of Buddhism and Hindu and speak the Bahasa Indonesian language. They also have a local dialect. One of their livelihoods is the farming of seaweed. They do so between the villages of Jungut Batu and the beach. These exported seaweed can be found everywhere else all around internationally, mostly used in the manufacturing of cheese, ice-cream and cosmetics. It is the emulsifying agent for these named products.

Nusa Lembongan


Prisine Lembongan

This pristine tropical island is fifty meters above sea level. There are two seasons, one is wet and the other is dry, the island is around 30ºC averagely. If you go from December to February, it is the wet season. The dry season starts from March until November. You will not see much cultivation as most of the island is infertile. They have cassava, corn and peanuts being farmed, other than that, you can get mangoes, cashew nuts and coconuts. There are limited fresh water supply and todate, they still get their water from wells that are about sixty meters deep.


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