Kebun Raya Cibodas and Bogor Palace

Kebun Raya Cibodas ©wisatadijawaWhat lies between Bandung and Bogor is a 125-hectares botanical garden. Not just it is high up on the slopes of Mount Gede, it also leads to Gede-Pangrango National Park. Mount Gede which literally means Big Mountain in the Sudananese language is a stratovolcano. In West Java, this part of Indonesia is best to go in April or May. Just a word of caution, there is a wet season which you might wish to avoid, even to note that the best time to go is after this wet season. A little background about the gardens which you might be interested to know is that it was founded by a Dutch botanist. He was Johannes Elias Teysjmann. Originally it was an extension of the Bogor Botanical Gardens which is sixty kilometers south of Jakarta and adjoin to the Presidential Palace. You must really go and check the striking glasshouse out.

15000 Species of Trees and Plants

In the Bogor Botanical Gardens, you can find four hundred types of exceptional palms. Be it along the avenues or along the lawns, these palms and also many varieties of birds and bats can be found. Orchid lovers shall find this a paradise. There are more than three thousand varieties for you to see. Cibodas has Cinchona trees that produces quinine-rich bark. These are health-giving. Besides, you must check out the wonderful panorama on the mountain. Catch a great shot of the streams, the mountains, the lakes and the waterfalls.

Getting There

Off the Jalan Ray Cipanas highway, you can reach there by car. You may also get there via a toll way from Jakarta directly. If you are planning to get there by flight, the nearest major airport is the Soekarno Hatta International Airport. By bus, it is three hours from the airport.

Bogor Palace

Bogor PalaceThere are the other five, but Bogor Palace is one such Presidential palace that has a special architectural and historical features. There is an original colonial building called Buitenzorg which used to be occupied by Sir Stamford Raffles as well as Herman Willem Daendels. Sir Stamford Raffles was a British stateman and founder of Singapore. While Herman Willem Daendels was a Dutch politician. This building has two wings and a main palace. So in this largest part of the building you can see the library, meeting room, dining room, the Garuda room, and a theater room.

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