Jakarta’s Public Transportation

Jakarta Busway ©mrbambang/flickr

Jakarta Busway ©mrbambang/flickr

Jakarta’s Public Transportation includes the busway, commuter trains, buses, rental cars, by taxis, by bajaj and by ojek. If you want to get to Jakarta by boat, one thing to bear in mind is there are safety precautions which you should take due to the lots of pickpockets and muggers. The national ferry company PELNI, offers ways to get to the north of the city. Speedboat to Pulau Seribu also leads you to the north shore.

Getting Around Jakarta By Transjakarta Busway

There are ten main lines for the Transjakarta Busway. Sometimes, they called it Tije. It is a modern yet comfortable public service with air-conditioned. Since it is the local public transportation service, it is naturally crowded during the rush hours. Whether you are leaving from Blok M, to Harmoni Pulo Gadung, to Kalideres, to Ancol, from Ragunan, from Kampung Rambutan, to Lebak Bulus, to Pluit or from Cililitan, you can try to explore Jakarta with these lines. Just check out the bus routes before boarding on the lines. There are several transfer points for the busway lines. For example, at Harmoni station, Dukah Atas, Cililitan, Cawang UKI. All of them travel on the fully dedicated lanes. It is a user friendly system with station announcements and LED display inside the purpose-built vehicles. It runs daily from 5am til 10pm. All tickets are a flat rate of Rp 2000 before 7am and then 3500Rp after 7am.

Getting Around Jakarta By Commuter Trains

Commuter services starts from 5am til 10 pm. The outlying regions that are connected to Jakarta are Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok, Bojonggede, Bogo and Serpong. There are nine lines and if you see station names in capitals, they represent the regular express stops. Be aware that some trains are just semi-express trains, so they only stop at certain times outside the rush hours. Gambir station is for express trains. Train wise, there are four main types, air-conditioned non-stop, semi-express, all-stops and air-conditioned and the last all stops without air-conditioned. Take the ekonomi AC that is all-stops and air-conditioned if you are a tourist.

Getting Around Jakarta By Bajaj

This is like the Thailand’s tuk-tuk. They are orange mutant scooters but more like a

Bajaj ©etiope10/flickr

Bajaj ©etiope10/flickr

tricycle. It is a popular way to get around those traffic jams. There are no set prices, but it will be less than 5000 Rp as a short ride. Agree and negotiate a price before you set off with the drivers and don’t let them overcharge you.

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