Indonesian Traditional Drinks and Desserts

Indonesian DessertsHave you tried Glutinous Balls in Ginger Water? If you have not, then while you will be in Indonesia, you must give it a go. The Indonesia sources of ingredients and spices includes ginger, chili, tumeric, shallot and coconut. And after a meal with these natural spices, it makes it even more exotic to your taste buds with the traditional beverages of Indonesia. The Wedang Ronde is made mainly with glutinous rice flour. Coarsely grind roasted peanuts, tapioca starch, sugar, salt, food coloring and of course, water. It has a ginger based in the water, so the added crushed ginger, lemon grass, pandan or screwpine leaves. The word ‘Wedang’ means ‘drink’ Sometimes, this Wedang Ronde drink is enjoyed cold too. It has been classified as a Javanese dessert mainly of Yogyakarta. The amazing taste of the glutinuous rice balls which has sweet peanut praline in them is just satisfying. Honestly, this dessert is very similar to the Chinese ‘Tang Yuen’ which is eaten in the winter solstice.

Wedang Serbat and Sekoteng

Wedang Serbat is with more spices and it is made with cardamon, star anise, ginger, tamarind. With so many different spices, it is thus a healthy drink. Wedang Serbat is a traditional drink of the Javanese. The other is Wedang Sekoteng which is made with crushed ginger, pandan leaves, green beans and topped with white bread cubes. A funny ingredient is Chinese girlfriend and that is basically pomegranate seeds with such a name.

Bajigur and Bandrek

Native to Sundanese in West Java, Bajigur is a sweet beverage and taken hot. It is made with Aren sugar, ginger and salt. Aren sugar is a kind of palm sugar found commonly in the tropical Asia. Its full name is Arenga pinnata. Bandrek on the other hand is with a spicy flavor. Also originating from West Java, this drink is meant for those living on the highland with a cool climate to warm themselves up.


Chendol ©chee.hong/flickrBasic to this dessert is the coconut milk and the rice flour jelly. The jelly is in a worm-like shaped and you can normally see them green in colour. The pandan leaf is where the green colour is derived from. In hot weather, this dessert is simply lovely. Shaved ice and the palm sugar toppings, red beans, grass jelly, glutinous rice and creamed corn are just irresistible. This dessert is ubiquitous in Bandung, Jakarta and Yogyakarta.



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