Indonesia Dances and Music Culture

Gamelan ©Eko Danang S/flickr

Gamelan ©Eko Danang S/flickr

With more than 1.8 million square kilometers of land area, Indonesia has the communications infrastructure such as radio broadcast stations, television broadcast stations, Internet hosts, telephone and internet users of 16 million. Their transportation includes railways, highways, waterways and airports. Of course, they have ports and harbors from Banjarmasin, Ciwandan, Belawan, Krueg Geukueh, Panjang, Palembang, Sungai Pakning, Tanjung Priok and Tanjung Perak.

Experience Indonesian Culture

From the Indonesian cuisine, to its dance and masks, Indonesia has a diverse mix and rich traditional art to share with you. Performing arts and rituals, temples, its people and events in various destinations awaits you to discover them. Their diversity of cultures and ethnicities is also vast and amazing. They are differentiated by court dances, folk dances, traditional dance or even the contemporary dance.

Contemporary Dance

Mainly the western ballet has an influence on the Indonesian contemporary dance scene. Modern dance from abroad forms a new artistic dance culture. Their exposure from a broad range of artistic and cultural backgrounds, allows and individualistic expression of exploration and rejuvenation of the tradition-based dance discipline. The much talked about traditional Javanese dance, pose and poise and with collaboration of Noh Japanese dance. Even their pop culture and street urban dances are gaining popularity by their youngsters.

Gamelan Music of Indonesia

The traditional ethnic music originally ensemble from Bali or Java uses gongs, xylophones, drums, metallophones, bowed and plucked strings as well as the bamboo flutes to create a unique repertoire style. It usually accompanies the dance wayang puppet rituals, ceremonies and performances. Dance moves and poetry, nowadays it has an influence on the Western music. Composers and pianists such as Erik Satie, even Claude Debussy created music with these hypnotic effects of the gamelan. Even the British band, 23 Skidoo uses the Gamelan as one of their notable instruments for their fusion music of alternative dance, post-punk, rock and world music.

Court Dances in Istanas and Keratons

Dance and Gamelan ©broken thoughts/flickr

Dance and Gamelan ©broken thoughts/flickr

The Istanas are possibly now the haven of cultural conservation. From the Javanese dance, you can see the court dances are deeply refined with sophistication and spirits. Some Javanese court dances like those created by Sunans of Surakarta and Sultans of Yogyakarta Sultanate, usually combines the gamelan to the dance. These days has a Hindu-Buddhist heritage. Folk dances like the Sudanese Jaipongan and the Javanese Ronggeng are more like social dance where you can see the Pencak Silat movements.

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