Gear up Your Money Saving Skills Before Going to Indonesia

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Learning the local Indonesian Bahasa will help you greatly and possibly money savings.

Learning the language breaks down the language barriers and it is something you can do six months before your travel.

Look for language exchange partners in your home country and it is usually free or over drinks. A great way to count down to your trip and having a new friend found. It can be an enjoy money saving skills especially for the sociable kind.

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Hospitality Exchange Partners

There are volunteer-based network on the Internet that provides members of local communities who offers free accommodation advice or hospitality exchanging using social networking. So you may consider joining them. Such advices are great if you know which are tourist zones to stay away from. Moreover, if you are booking your accommodations, be decisive. Try to save money on deposits by not having to change your plans. One way to avoid this is to book relatively near to the dates of your arrival than to book way to early ahead.

Art of Negotiation

Indonesia Budget travel tips


Learn the art of negotiation. You know you are clearly recognized by physical appearance (such as your are blonde or fair skinned) as a tourist in Indonesia and you want to avoid being charge double or triple. Bargaining can be done at handicrafts establishments, artwork, clothing or souvenir shops. The first skill you need is to act disinterested and know your price. Express casually your interest in buying the item. Be ready to walk away as part of the negotiation if the so-called ‘final price’ is given out by the vendor. Practice it and you can master it. Stay focused and be the best player in this haggling game. Usually the shopkeeper will lower their prices, of course, you got to know your counter offer price which usually is about 50% of their offered price.

Safe Keeping of Your Belongings

Losing documents such as passports can be a big expense at the end of the journey when you have to pay for replacements before arriving back home. Keep your belongings safe, including your camera, mobile phone and money pouch. If you have to make phone calls home, buy a SIM card or use Skype to call home from an Internet cafe. Some phone cards offers reduce international calling fees.

Visa Matters

Cutting out the middlemen for the visas by arranging it on your own. Prepare enough passport-sized photos and try to get your visa on arrival. It is definitely much cheaper than at any embassy.

Research before Your Travel

A final tip is to do your research before your travel to Indonesia. This part of the homework is almost free at the expense of time. However, the knowledge is valuable and will help you avoid unnecessary cost and disappointments along the way.

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