Fascinating Tips for Traveling in Indonesia

Indonesia Culture  ©Zsoolt/Flickr

Indonesia Culture ©Zsoolt/Flickr

Traveling in Indonesia can be really relaxing exciting and fun as it is a breathtakingly beautiful country with amazing sights and really hospitable people.  However, to sight see this beautiful paradise is best if you are aware of the tips and cautions before arriving there as a foreigner. Here are some fascinating good to know tips, check them to the best out of your stay in the country and to avoid some unpleasant surprises. But do not worry, Indonesia is safe to travel to, you just have to be careful, like everywhere else and that is what we are trying to help you with. 

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Travel smart and be prepared

Street food vendors in Indonesia


Weather: There are 2 seasons in Indonesia – namely, wet and dry. From September to January, is the wet season. While the rest of the year is the dry season. The average humidity is 70%. You are recommended to check the weather forecast before getting there. Choosing the right season to be there can make a difference, after all, it is a tropical climate.

Currency and Exchange Rate: In Indonesia, Rupiah is the local currency. They accept US dollars as well, but the quoted exchange rate is usually not accurate. Find reliable places to get your money exchange.

Enquire Prices Before You Order: It is always better to have a local chef cooking specialities just for you, however, note the spicy intensity (as it can be very spicy to your taste). Be sure to ask before hand and check the prices before you order.

Bargain, Bargain, Bargain: Shopping in Indonesia is always flexible. There is no fixed prices, so you can always bargain with the vendor til you are agreeable with the price.

Street Food Street Vendors: Street vendors may approach you and never be tempted to buy for the risk of Cholera and ‘Bali Belly’. Buy only sealed bottles of mineral water. If possible eat at major food outlets or restaurants or in hotels. A good tip would be seeing a crowded restaurant is a good indication that it is good to eat there too.

Saying ‘No’ Politely: Hawkers are commonly in sight. A firm ‘no’ to them is a polite way to handle them and they will stop pestering you to buy the items from them. The way to say ‘No, Thank You’ is ‘Tidak, terima kasih’. In English pronounciation, it is ‘Tee-dak, ter-ree-ma ka-see’

For your own safety

Arjuna Temple in Indonesia, Asia

©Cillian Storm/flickr

Monkeys Around, Beware!: Be alert and make sure you protect your personal belongings. Monkeys are naturally curious and they enjoy stealing things including your sunglasses, bags, cameras. They are a smart bunch, so stay alert and don’t let your things lying around.

Hissing the Dog: Hiss at dogs if that follows you: Dogs are almost everywhere. Do not run. Just hiss at it as loud as you can and it will stop following you.

Covering Up: Women blonde traveler should travel safe. You are recommended to carry with you a light weight sarong. It is easy to buy one in Indonesia itself, the prices are cheap too. The use of the sarong is to cover up when you are near to a temple or mosque.

Terrorist Threats: Travelers are advised to note the high level of political unrest and tensions. Petty crimes are common and increasing. From bag-snatching, robbery and temporary confinement involving taxis even in urban areas (eg Jakarta). Take care of your personal safety and buy enough travel insurance for a more comprehensive coverage before you travel there.


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