Bangka Belitung in Indonesia

Lighthouse of the Lengkuas Island

Lighthouse of the Lengkuas Island ©j3ffm4n/Flick

The Bangka Belitung province is an archipelago with an area of ​​nearly 82 thousand square kilometers, of which 16 thousand km2 is land, 65 thousand km2 is water and the rest is sea cliff. The two biggest island of the archipelago are Bangka and Belitung that are surrounded by 254 small islands with a total coastline length of 1200 km. A province has seven districts.

Bangka is the largest tin producer of Indonesia but is also famous for the white pepper that is grown here. Because of the ecosystem of the archipelago, the proportion of land and sea areas, Bangka Belitung is perfect location for a seaside retreat including diving, fishing and sailing.

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Real natural environment

The Belitung Island has remained in a natural and uneffected condition, so visitors should be prepared to adaptation, self-sufficiency and an adventurous trip. You should equip yourself with a swimsuit, diving equipment, medications, toiletry kit, sun glasses, sun cream before you leave from home.

Small island in Bangka Belitung

Small island in Bangka Belitung ©j3ffm4n/Flick

The city of Tanjung Pandan

In Tanjung Pandan is the headquarter of the Babel Province and it is surrounded by a small wetland, but you will also find high plateau with an average height of 150-200 meters. The area is the second-largest tin deposits of Indonesia.

The town of Manggar and the surrounding beaches

The town of Manggar is located at about 90 km from Tanjung Pandan and its most important economic activity is the tin mining. There are many beautiful a places in the area that the tourist should visit, as the Serdang coast, the Burung Mandi beach, the Malang Lepau beach, the Pengepangan beach, the Tirta Surya natural swimming pool, the Paya Lake and the Kwan In Chinese Church.

Bankga Belitung in the morning

Bankga Belitung in the morning ©Moonstar Simanjuntak/Flick

The Matras and Parai Tenggiri Beach lies in the northeastern part of Bangka at 48 km from Pangkal Pinang and at 12 km from Sungai Liat. The Matras beach is approximately 3 km long and nearly 30 meters wide. The Parai beach is surrounded by cliffs and is an ideal place for relaxing and swimming. The local fishermen pull out their boat there at the end of a fishing day transforming the area into a picturesque fishing village.

The Remodong beach on the west coast of North Bangka is great place to watch the sunset. The tourism infrastructure is well developed here as well.

The Menumbung Hill

The Menumbung Hill (355 m) is the highest mountin of the area of Mentok in the North West of Bangka area and is one of the key places of the Indonesian history. The Duch built there a guest house in 1932 where president Soekarno and vice president Hatta were held captive from the February until the July of the year 1949.

Lighthouse of the Lengkuas Island

The lighthouse of the Lengkuas Island ©j3ffm4n/Flick

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