Bali, the a paradise on earth

Luxury in Bali, Indonesia

Luxury in Bali, Indonesia ©Jeda Villa Bali/Flick

We are inviting you to an imaginary journey into the world of surfing, perfect hospitality and beautiful beaches.

The American island of Hawaii was for a long time the symbol of a perfect holiday, but in the past fifteen years Bali became one of the most popular exotic tourist destinations. It is a beautiful place, you can experience the luxury without spending so much money at the same time.

We would like to present you some aspects of this piece of paradise on earth.


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The country of the never ending summer

Bali is one of the 33 Indonesian provinces, a part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Its location is more than luxurious: it is to only 8 degrees from the equator. There is no question that the tropical weather dominates throughout the whole year, but the heat is not unbearable, in the evenings you will probably need a sweater. Traveling to this paradise on earth is always pleasant from January to December, but from countries with winter this would be the best choice. While at home is a freezing cold and minus Celcius degrees, in Bali the tropical fruits are happily growing and the wave obsessed are gladly surfing.

Surfer in Bali

Surfer in Bali ©Simon_sees/Flick

Colorful cities and magnificent beaches

Denpasar is the constantly developing capital of Bali with approximately 2 million inhabitants. The once quiet town has now become the center of parties; the tourists spend their sparkling nights there after the bathe and excursions during the days. Many people are fond of this island exactly because of this. The modern western lifestyle perfectly blends with the gorgeous nature, unspoiled beaches, a rich ethnography and cultural life. Ubud is the cultural and artistic center of the island with beautiful churches and stunning national parks. If you get around you have to visit the art markets, galleries and exhibitions of Balinese art.

Rice terraces in Bali

Rice terraces in Bali ©Chris Walker Innerwealth/Flick

In this paradise on earth you can also visit rice terraces, cocoa plantations, or discovering the mystical religious centers in Bali. You can make a trip with boat to Komodo Island. This is the natural habitat of the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo lizard also known as Komodo monitor or Varanus komodoensis. This “lizard island” is the favorite destination of the divers, there are the Indonesian coral reefs with the richest flora and fauna.

Although it is very difficult to choose between the incredibly beautiful beaches of Bali, perhaps the most popular ones are Candidasa, Jimbaran Beach, Kuta, Legian Beach, Nusa Dua, Tanjunk Benoa. Many people come here even from Australia because of the waves on the island; Bali a real surfer paradise.

Livable Luxury

You can ask anyone who has been to the beautiful island of Bali, and you will be told that despite of the western lifestyle and the luxury hotels, life here is not expensive. As a tourist you will pay the most for getting there, the hotel prices are already better, and the outdoor life is cheap. Forget the expensive dinners, on Bali you have the opportunity have an excellent meal under the average prices. Feel free to leave the hotel and visit the surrounding small restaurants. You can order Wiener Schnitzel or pizza if you are intimidated, but you can experiment with local specialties. The prices of the folk art pieces, masks, ceramics, and jewelry are unrealistic as well.

Luxury in Bali, Indonesia

Luxury in Bali, Indonesia ©Jeda Villa Bali/Flick

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